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In today's PlayStation State of Play broadcast, we learned that after remaining on the Epic Games Store as a closed alpha, the outrageous fantasy Battle Royale Spellbreak is entering PlayStation 4. The

PlayStation 4 closed beta will begin in spring, although the announcement did not provide a firm date. Since this is a battle royale, if Fortnite is still in Early Access, we can roughly consider it as the release date.

Regarding the functions provided by the game, Spellbreak transfers the familiar formula of Battle Royale to a fantasy world, where the magician uses a series of spells, elemental powers and movement of air to fight. Say goodbye to powerful weapons from existing battle royale games, Spellbreak sneaks in a completely different way of dealing with enemies.

is a skill-based fast combat and maneuvering game. Developer Proletariat also contains some roguelike elements, as well as a large number of RPG functions for launching.

Each player has a pair of magic handguards, which can grant abilities, active combat options, and a series of combinations to cause serious damage to the opposing player. Through the rune system, players can customize their arsenal by focusing on movement and support skills. We are talking about a structure similar to RPG.

also has a career system that can be further customized in terms of skills and equipment, allowing teams to fine-tune their combat strategies and complement each other's playstyles.

Spellbreak is a game with a striking aesthetic between "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", "Fortnite" and "Borderland". There's also an obvious nod animation to throw in good measure there.

It remains to be seen if Spellbreak can take on the burden of the Battle Royale world by hopping onto the PlayStation 4, but the first attempt at Spellbreak on the console is sure to please fans wanting a different kind of game.

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