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Sony microsoft nintendo summer plans

CES 2020 is here! At the world's largest consumer electronics conference, some of the largest technology brands will bring their latest products, announcements and displays to the stage through keynote speeches and press conferences.

This year, WePC came here in person, so we will bring you all the latest announcements in time (please check our CES 2020 page for the latest information). But here is a company, all gamers, I mean all of us, are waiting expectantly: Sony.

As Microsoft announced its next-generation gaming console, Xbox Series X, all eyes are now on Sony to see when they will do so.

Sony will deliver a keynote speech at CES 2020 at 5 pm on Monday, January 6. PST (8pm Eastern Standard Time and 1am Greenwich Mean Time), WePC will be there in person to make sure if they announce the news, you will be the first to know.

So what can we expect Sony to announce?

Every year, people in the industry like to guess what we'll see at these large-scale events this year, including Sony.

We look forward to seeing information about your WH1000XM4 wireless noise canceling headphones, even if they will eventually show up in the showroom.

In most cases, this is CES after all, and we expect to see information on newer TV models, especially OLED and LED designs. There are always a lot of TV commercials at events, so this year should be no different.

However, the biggest question is whether Sony will release its next PS5 game console. Our prediction? maybe not. Sony likes to keep big game announcements for its State of Play events. But this does not mean that this is a clear "no".

Due to Microsoft's accidental disclosure at the end of last year, they may decide to make an announcement in advance. Really, only time will prove everything. But we will be there to make sure you hear it immediately when it happens!

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