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Sony integrates discord application

Although we heard from some developers about their upcoming E3 summer replacement plan, the three major headlines of the platform — Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo — are still more or less closed.

Microsoft is the most upcoming of the three, announcing monthly Xbox 20/20 episodes to showcase the next generation of Xbox Series X, but even so, we still know nothing about determining the date. As for Sony and Nintendo, only vague rumors suggest that they may be preparing for the summer.

Thanks to VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who has been busy teasing the game schedule for this summer, and we are beginning to have a better understanding of what is going to happen. Grubb revealed earlier this month that Sony will even host PlayStation 5 in early June, especially on the 4th, but yesterday published an article explaining that Sony is changing their plans, although this is only a few days instead of a long time. . Waiting for PS5. message.

Grubb explained that Sony will host another event in August. Both events will focus on upcoming PS5 own and third-party games. However, Grubb is not optimistic about the final design of the console, but assures fans that we will have important news no later than August.

Speaking of Microsoft's summer plan, Grubb confirmed that Xbox plans to host a game show of its own in early July and hinted that platform headlines are preparing to host a hardware event in early June, possibly the 9th. on 10.

As for Nintendo, the picture is not clear. The Japanese giant has remained silent on most of what it plans to bring to fans this summer, and there are rumors of Nintendo Direct. According to reports, it is unlikely to directly replace E3. According to reports, Nintendo chose to show the games one by one, just like the recent unexpected display of "Paper Mario: King of Origami".

In terms of developers and publishers, Grubb admitted that Blizzard and Riot Games are preparing to hold purely digital events in the summer, just as Ubisoft and EA have announced.

The current global crisis means that many of these plans may be changed and rearranged at the last minute, so although we now have new insights into everyone’s plans, we recommend maintaining a certain degree of caution unless the platform owner, Developers and publishers.

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