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So far, this year's CES has released a large number of exciting and exciting new announcements. We are making a big splash, bringing all the news and updates directly from the exhibition site! AMD has always been the featured brand of this event, and many new versions have been released so far.

In addition to the announced laptops and chips, AMD also briefly mentioned something called SmartShift technology.

We don't know much about this at the moment, but what we do know is that SmartShift technology is designed to move power between the CPU and GPU as needed.

AMD stated that SmartShift "intelligently improves the performance between Radeon RX graphics cards and Ryzen processors." The idea behind

is that it will lead to acceleration of tasks associated with the CPU and GPU. This technology aims to achieve a happy medium in a process that requires the joint efforts of the CPU and GPU. Although this will benefit any tasks you perform on your laptop (such as work), we should see that the biggest improvement is the game.

AMD said that the performance and speed of gamers and other laptop users is expected to increase by 10-12%.

This technology is only available for AMD Ryzen laptops equipped with AMD Radeon graphics.

AMD stated that its SmartShift technology is in the early testing phase. However, so far, they claim that their tests have improved the overall performance of certain games running on laptops by 10%.

This is very promising, and we can’t wait to see how SmartShift technology will improve game settings and experience.

When we learn more about SmartShift technology and when it will be released to consumers, we will definitely release an update.

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