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A Reddit user obtained AMD's smart memory access function on his first-generation Ryzen CPU and published his results on the forum.

user Merich98 shared that from December 2409 to 2409, he had acquired the technology to work with the ASUS B450Plus motherboard with the latest BIOS.

Merich98 managed to use AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU to enable AMD Smart Access Memory, and it emerged in Doom Eternal and Tomb Raider.

Although you hardly see any impact in Tomb Raider, running Doom Eternal at 1080p on Ultra produces some interesting results, although most of the results prove to be within the margin of error.

However, one thing that does stand out is that the minimum FPS has a great impact on enabling smart memory access, but this may be due to the lack of API support at this stage.

Doom Eternal Results

AMD SAM turned off in the BIOS:

AMD SAM turned on in the BIOS:

Overall average AMD SAM turned on:

Final result:

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