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To determine if your current gaming rig meets the Skull & Bones requirements, you must first find out what's under the hood, especially in terms of CPU, GPU, and RAM. If you're not sure how to do this, don't worry, because you can check out our guide here, which will walk you through the precise steps. Once the

has its specs, you just need to compare it to the Skull & Bones minimum and recommended specs. For your convenience, we have listed these specifications below. We recommend targeting the recommended specs for the best gaming experience.

Checking the system requirements is not exactly a pleasant experience, so with this in mind, we are currently tweaking a custom utility to reduce the burden of the process. It will scan your PC and list the specs, avoiding that part entirely. It is still confidential, but there will be an update on our progress soon.

guides the recent explosive growth of pirate-themed games on the high seas spread by titles such as "Sea of Thieves", "Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag" and "Atlas", "Skulls and Bones". The looting and treachery of the high seas gave life to the last work in the age of piracy. Judging from the games we've seen so far, "Skull and Bones" is expected to become by far the most authoritative pirate game of this generation.

was developed by Ubisoft. Skull & Bones offers players an open world set in the Indian Ocean. Players can explore as the captain of a pirate ship or one of the many trading nations eager to settle in the region.

Through tactical naval battles, exploration, plundering lucrative waterways, and even five-person cooperation, the player’s task is to have skirmishes in disputed waters. Unsurprisingly, Skull & Bones set up a dynamic multiplayer game component.

relies on a lot of realism, and navigation involves considering many variables, such as wind, the best way to cause damage in a ship-to-ship battle, and ordering crews to board enemy ships.

Inspired by piracy, loot played a huge role in Skull and Bones. From shooting down enemy ships to plundering passing ships, progress is measured by the treasures players can accumulate. The loot will lead to a larger fleet that can establish its authority in a wider sea.

Skull & Bones was originally scheduled to be released in late 2018, then postponed to 2019, and is now sometime in 2020. The ambition of the title may turn out to be the biggest reason for the delay, and we cannot argue about postpone the launch to ensure the best final product.

Since Skeleton and Bones has yet to confirm a release date, Ubisoft has yet to set any official system requirements. Therefore, treat the above system requirements as an informed prediction, rather than the final decision on the matter. We hope that the final system requirements are not too far from our predictions, but we recommend that we proceed with caution just in case. We will make sure to update this article when Ubisoft produces products.

Overall, "Skulls and Bones" is in the medium requirement category, which makes sense considering the excellent visual style we've introduced through the Ubisoft trailers released so far. The

CPU and GPU requirements, especially when it comes to the recommended requirements, aren't as great as you said, but there's nothing to laugh about anyway. The amount of RAM is still relatively typical for AAA games of this brand, as are the storage requirements.

According to our estimation, the minimum requirement should reach a stable 30 FPS, the resolution should be 720p, and the setting flag should be low or medium. Jumping to the recommended specifications, you can expect to get more than 60 FPS and 1080p resolution and close to the maximum setting.

Given the scale of Skull & Bones and Ubisoft's desire to involve as many players as possible, we expect a variety of graphics settings, which should open the game to quite a few systems from mid-range to high-end -end. The line is completed.

There is no confirmation from Ubisoft on the power requirements of Skull & Bones. We would rather proceed with caution and recommend a version that exceeds the recommended system requirements. Our $1,000 build lays a solid foundation for playing games at ultra-settings with a frame rate well over 60 FPS.

We combined the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, the XFX RX 5700 GPU with 8 GB of VRAM and 16 GB of 3600 MHz RAM. We also managed to fit in the 1 TB SSD and the elegant NZXT H510 open case.

In terms of price, it's a very powerful build, suitable for most other demanding games on the market, and provides a certain level of track for the foreseeable future.

If you want to scale a bit, we also recommend AMD Ryzen 5360, GeForce RTX 2080 Super with 8GB VRAM and 16GB 3600MHz RAM to build for $ 1500.

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