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As everyone knows, I am a big fan of The Sims, can you really blame me? The basic game itself is always amazing, but there are also a large number of expansion packs to choose from, and there are a lot of content to indulge you. We have reviewed all the expansion packs for The Sims 4, but this time, we will return to one version.

The Sims 3 is not old at all, even though it was first released in 2009. Moreover, in four years, we have received a total of 11 Sims 3 expansion packs. So when EA puts its backup catalog on Steam, we'll dive right into the water and take it with us!

Editor's Note: For this article, we will only discuss the full expansion pack, not the stuff pack; otherwise we'll always be here (although I'd like to write Sims all week, I have other things to do around here).

The first expansion pack released for The Sims 3 is World Adventures. With this, they have added three new resorts to your Sims for you to explore in Egypt, France, and China. This expansion pack adds the ability to take Sims on vacation and offers some interesting attractions to explore, such as ancient tombs and mummies.

Although it is an interesting addition to your game, it is not what I call "essential" unless you plan to spend a lot of time exploring. You will acquire three new skills: martial arts, photography and making nectar, but there is not much commemorative significance beyond that.

The second expansion pack provides more powerful content for your game. The Ambitions expansion pack introduces five new career paths: firefighter, investigator, ghost hunter, stylist, and architectural designer, and gives them the opportunity to better control what your Sim does at work They are doing simeloeans, taking time out of the usual waiting time for dialing.

also introduced three new skills: carving, tattooing and invention, and a new community: Twinbrook. All in all, this is what I highly recommend for this extension, because it opens up many new game options for your Sims.

Next, we will travel to the big cities with nightlife. Bring us another new community, but this time it's a vast urban landscape (sort of), giving your Sims a chance to explore city life. Now they can enter a big city and they need new jobs and skills to adapt to it! Therefore, we have also obtained a new film career, musical and sports occupations have received a renewed career path. In addition, four new skills appeared: piano, bass, drums, and bartending.

Finally, now you have the opportunity to turn your Sims into a celebrity or a vampire (or both). The more fame you gain, the more benefits your Sims will get, or you will enjoy all the benefits of being a vampire, it's up to you!

For the family-oriented Sim, the Generations expansion pack is obvious. As the name suggests, it introduces many new options for the youngest Sims in your family tree. Although the game usually focuses on young adults and adult characters, it provides you with some interesting new options for children and teenagers to enjoy, such as prom nights, field trips, and plenty of school activities. In addition, they also brought a new profession Nursery and new skills chemistry, although none of them are really at the forefront of expansion. In short, this is a perfect package for those who like to start a large family.

If you can't figure out what this extension brings to the table from its name, then I don't know how to help you. This expansion pack provides pets with three main types of pets to choose from: dogs, cats and horses, and also introduces new riding abilities. In addition to these traditional pets, there are some smaller pets to choose from, such as birds, tortoises, lizards, rodents and snakes.

is like that, so if you are not an animal lover, this bag is definitely not for you. But having the option to add pets to Sims’ homes is always fun.

Next, we have the Showtime expansion pack, which adds more content to the celebrity looks in late-night shows. We have a new community called Starlight Shores, and three new races with celebrity themes: Wizard, Acrobat, and Singer. It also gives Sims the opportunity to develop their DJ skills, all in order to obtain a more complete celebrity experience.

The Sims 3 expansion pack is designed to make your Sims the center of attention, so if you are not a fan of the game, this may be a pack that you can skip, because there really is nothing else to offer. Chapter

supernatural powers, you say? But we already have the mummy and the late-night vampire in the world adventure, how supernatural can it be? Well, the supernatural also confuses werewolves, fairies, witches and zombies. In addition to these new playable options (these options are converted to their own perks for Sims), we also have the Moonlight Falls community and the professions of fortune tellers and alchemists (and the alchemy abilities used with them).

For those who really like the weird nature of the game, adding these magical races to the game will only help to further develop on this basis. The

season triggered one of the biggest gameplay changes of all expansion packs, because your Sims are no longer trapped in eternal summer. Now, they can enjoy the changing weather every season in the game every week. Each season brings a lot of seasonal events, including popular parties and festivals. They also introduced two new

They have been part of the Sims game for a long time, so it's great to see them back here, no matter how strange their introduction.

I said it before, and I say it again: I like the university expansion brought by The Sims. The Sims 3's college life expansion pack is no exception. Sims can choose from six honors: business, communications, science and medicine, fine arts, sports, or technology. You have to move from home to bedroom, join different social groups such as athletes, nerds and rebels, and even join sororities or fraternities.

This is also an expansion pack for upgrading your Sims’ mobile phones to smartphones, allowing you to use them more in the game. College life also brings some new skills in the form of social media, street art, and science. Put down my favorite "The Sims 3" expansion pack, I suggest anyone who has played this version of the game can grab it. The

Island Paradise expansion includes another community, but this time on a tropical island: Isla Paradiso. This new island town brings a lot of island activities such as scuba diving, lifeguards and boat trips.

Among all the expansion packs for "The Sims 3", this expansion pack has caused the biggest impact on the Internet. You haven't brought in much new content and are often annoyed by many users. It's almost a washed-out version of World Adventures, and it doesn't really add anything spectacular to your game.

The latest expansion pack for "The Sims 3" was called Into the Future and it brought some cool options for time travel. That's right, time travel. Your Sims can travel into the future and even meet their descendants in the new suburb of Oasis Landing. This futuristic city may be a brilliant future technological utopia, or it may become an unattractive dystopian landscape. Three new skills were also introduced; advanced technology, robotic creation, and Rhythmacon laser, which is a new tool they can learn.

Overall, this is an interesting expansion pack to end The Sims 3, and it does add some interesting gameplay aspects that we have seen in previous versions of the game or The Sims 4 (yet).

Wow, I almost forgot how much content they put into The Sims 3, but writing this article inevitably makes me want to learn more and explore again, who is with me? Tell us in the comments below what your favorite "The Sims 3" expansion pack is! Susu!

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