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If you have ever considered joining the PC teaching profession, there is always a question: Should I build my own PC or buy a pre-built PC? Of course, at WePC, we always encourage you to buy components and learn the construction process, but you may wonder why.

You are dealing with expensive components. If you are building for the first time, the whole process will make you feel stressed. Here, we are not trying to discourage you, but the good news is that there are more reasons to build your own PC than you think. This is a very rewarding process that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your lifetime, so it is worth considering.

Without further ado, let's take a look at why we should build our own PC.

Building your own PC is first and foremost a more affordable option. Pre-built computers require additional construction costs, which means that if you choose and build yourself, the already built system can be more powerful.

Building Your Own PC also allows you to specify a new system in your own way. If you just want to surf the web, check email, do some odd work, or even play some entry-level games, then you can build a basic PC with prices ranging from $ 300- $ 400.

Although gamers can assemble a new PC for between US$300 and US$400, this is considered entry-level, and you may need a dedicated graphics card to handle more FPS-intensive games. For a PC that offers more than just basic functions, you can build a decent device for $600-800 and get some impressive final results. A mid-range PC at around $700 can handle 1080p games at the highest settings and perform well at higher resolutions (such as 1440p and VR games). The

limit is not unlimited, but you can use any budget you set to build your own PC. If funding is not an issue, then it’s okay to choose the best PC configuration. At a price of US$1500 to US$2000, you are looking for a PC that can handle all games and many 4K resolutions and high refresh rate displays of 27 inches or larger.

Regardless of your budget, when you compare building your own PC to buying a pre-built system, you can always save money. The best part of

building your own computer is being able to weigh every detail of the specifications. The little money you save when building your own PC can be used elsewhere, perhaps with better graphics cards or more storage space.

After building your own PC, you will know exactly where each component goes and how to install it. The extra knowledge you have now will help you when upgrading, and hardly need to be shipped anywhere. Replacing parts is a simple process, and you can complete all operations in the comfort of your home.

It is very beneficial to try to learn the entire construction process. Building PCs is not a common skill, but it can bring great returns (like the ones above), saving you money that can be better spent elsewhere.

You may have heard the saying that computers are the future, right? Well, you are part of that future, and learning how PCs are made right now is far from outdated! The PC is something that many of us touch every day, so learning how to build our own PC is a skill worth having.

As your PC building skills improve, you can also repair the machine. That's right, it will eventually become the technical support that you will inevitably have to contact when you first encounter problems. If you can build a PC, you can of course keep one, so you don't need to wait hours or go to a local technical expert to quickly check your system. It is now the first port of call.

So far, most of this article has been aimed at building your own PC, but you may still ask; if i don't know what i'm doing, should i build my own pc? Yes, you must do this, although it may seem overwhelming, but the whole process brings you a lot of responsibility, after all, you do not want to destroy anything. You don't have to worry though, with proper research and a wealth of building guides available, now is the best time to learn.

In any case, we understand that even though we have chosen the words, you may still want to pre-build, and that's okay. You are now aware of the added cost of pre-built systems, and many companies ship these computers with the operating systems installed and thoroughly tested. It all sounds good, right? Yes, no, these pre-builds are not terrible deals. You can still get some great games from them, but you pay too much for what you get. So with this in mind, if you decide to pre-build, do your research and study how to update the system and start using it from there.

Prebuilds, like your PC builds, are sold to suit different budgets. You can get entry-level pre-built gaming computers for just $ 500, but these computers generally only have integrated graphics. For an $ 800 pre-installed PC, you're definitely going to get an unsuitable system, but there will still be plenty of compromises to worry about for the needs of specific people. Pre-built PCs of $ 1,000 or more will be great for gaming, but keep in mind that brands on these systems can give you better performance.

Should I build my own PC? it is good

In terms of gaming, building your own PC is a big step.

Building a computer can be fun, and once you master the details, you will most likely enjoy the whole process (after all, you only spent hundreds of dollars on these components).

Reduce your experience pressure and follow our simple step-by-step guide on how to build a PC. In addition, if selecting components for your system is a bit difficult for you, don’t worry, we have multiple versions of PCs to meet various budgets!

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