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Shadow tomb raider system requirements

Before it sounds like the most interesting editor broadcast of the summer without E3, Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog announced the strange new first-person melee shooter Shadow Warrior 3. Tweet, we finally know what it is.

As the name suggests, Shadow Warrior 3 is the third job in the series to reboot in 2010, and Devolver made a coy and irreverent trailer to commemorate this moment.

The phone call between the anti-ninja hero Lo Wang and his agent was incorporated into the game about the revealing trailer. Before showing the encounter, you should do some criticism and criticism of Devolver and developer Flying Wild Hog, as well as the reveal of the trailer format itself. A group of enemies. As we expected, it combines deadly firefights and relentless close combat, as well as good mobility, which can bring a very powerful and brutal cocktail of violence. A new grappling hook device was also introduced to further enhance the free running motion system of the series.

is full of jokes, exaggerated violence, a rabbit that looks upset, and some spine removal. We don't expect anything from Devolver. As these things progressed, he saw the terrible battles in "Shadow Warrior 3" for the first time and was quite interesting, and pointed out that the tone of most game ads was very different.

As for the content of "Shadow Warrior 3", you can refer to the official introduction, which has very good pictures. Unsurprisingly, Luowang's situation seems to be mainly caused by himself, involving an ancient dragon and avoiding the upcoming apocalypse. Says:

"Shadow Warrior 3 takes alternate first-person shooter series to a new level, seamlessly blending fast-paced shootouts, tough melee combat, and spectacular free-motion systems. Fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former employer Turned into a deadly enemy and turned into a wizard, Orochi Zilla embarked on an impossible mission to retrieve the ancient dragon they reluctantly released from the eternal prison. With swords and bullets. With the combination of punishment, Lo Wang must travel Through unknown areas of the world to track down the dark beasts and push back the end of the world. All it takes is a death mask, a dragon egg, a little magic and enough firepower to destroy! the world of eroding shadows. "

As for when we can get" Shadow Warrior 3, "the tentative release window for 2021 is coming soon. Other than the confirmed release for PC, there is no news on the platform. Regarding the game consoles, we don't know anything yet, but it may be PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, because the planned release is after the expected launch of both in late 2020.

Devolver promises to provide a full presentation of the game Direct 2020 during the next Devolver, which is currently scheduled to take place at 12pm PST on July 11. As well as seeing the gameplay of "Shadow Warrior 3" for the first time, be sure to check it out, Devolver will definitely continue its bloody multi-event comedy legend and will of course show a host of upcoming games as well.

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