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Sennheiser gsp 600 series new color schemes

Having mastered Sennheiser's more affordable GSP 370s gaming headsets, we thought it was time to properly review the Sennheiser GSP 670s.

Initially, the closed design of the GSP 670 does not appear to be much different from the GSP 370. However, the GSP 670 gaming headset is Sennheiser's flagship gaming headset model.

This headset provides audio over a wireless connection without losing the audiophile sound quality that Sennheiser enthusiasts have come to expect.

Without further ado, let's see how this high-spec headset performs in the competition.

Let's take a quick look at the specs for the advanced GSP 670, because you can quickly determine if your needs are being met.

In the Sennheiser GSP 670 box, we see: The

Sennheiser GSP 670 gaming headset is very simple to set up, just plug in the USB dongle and you can go. You can leave it there, but after using the newer GSP 370s recently, it's clear that this series of headphones benefited from some EQ adjustments (depending on what you're listening to). The

headset connects wirelessly with the provided dongle and can be used with your PC / laptop or PS4. This is where we find the GSP 670's first advantage over the cheaper GSP 370s, namely the larger open / connect switch makes it easier to find and use when using headphones. The

power/connection switch has a dual function (you may have guessed it). After swiping for two seconds, it will find and connect to the dongle, and it can tell you the remaining battery power with a quick flick. These operations are intuitively reflected by the LED indicator located near the switch to help you understand whether the headset is searching for the device to be connected, checking the battery status, and whether it is connected.

If you download the Sennheiser Gaming Suite software, you can modify your preferences at will. The software will allow you to change the equalizer using presets or your own settings.

In the software, you can switch the playback mode between stereo 2.0 (very suitable for music) and 7.1 surround sound audio (very suitable for games).

We also equipped this headset with an advanced gamer microphone, so it is not surprising to see some customization options in the software.

Although some people may not think of using Gaming Suite, we wholeheartedly recommend it; it comes with many presets so that you can get a better audio experience according to your personal preferences.

Regarding the design of the GSP 670s, the first thing you notice is the volume of the headset. Paired with bronze-grey plastic (a perfect match with black and dark velvet earbuds), the GSP 670s

is an attractive gaming headset.

It is nice to see that Sennheiser avoids the strong red dots we saw on the older GSP 600, so the GSP 670 is a more beautiful pair. Don't forget, this is Sennheiser's premium gaming headset. Although you can definitely feel it, it is no different from the cheaper GSP 370 except for its weight.

When you take them out of the box, you will immediately notice the quality of Sennheiser. Weight aside, the combination of a sturdy plastic shell and plush fabric gives the headset a luxurious feel. The shell of the headset is solid and does not succumb to the shell. The build quality of the

microphone is astonishing, which is good because it is indeed a standout feature of this headset, with a convenient rubberized center part. Actually, there is no need to adjust the microphone, but it is a nice option and the rotation is smooth and very satisfying.

Overall, the build quality is slightly higher than the GSP 370, but not much different. This may depend more on your expectations of the overall quality of Sennheiser products than anything else.

I remember complaining a bit when I first tried GSP 370, saying the clamp was too tight for my big head. After using the heavier 670, I can safely say: I pulled it out. Not only do the GSP 670s feel very heavy (398 grams), but the longer they are worn, the more obvious the clips are. Chapter

These Are Very Comfortable The plush cup we saw can really cushion your ears, but the clip doesn't fit the shape of my head. Frustratingly, the GSP 670s has clamp adjustment options that make you think they will be very comfortable. However, the adjustment hardly produced any appreciable differences.

Beneath the velvety soft earplugs is a beautiful memory foam that really blends into your ears. Thankfully, the comfort level has been increased tenfold. The outer layer covering the memory foam is more like a suede-like material, which feels very soft, but easier to clean than suede leather. The

GSP 670s offers more adjustment options than the cheaper GSP 370s. On the headband, there are two sliders that can change the level of the clip to adapt to different head sizes. For me, the clip was too tight, and when I adjusted it, I hardly noticed any difference while wearing the headphones. For example, these provide a perfect fit, and the earphones come with some extra design points to help make these earphones comfortable. The

GSP 370s headset has a small amount of movement, but it is not noticeable. However, GSP 670s has a small hinged arm that allows your headset to move up and down/left and right, and is also suitable for different head sizes and shapes.

However, despite all these adjustment options, the headset

My head is still itchy, which inevitably means that these are not designed for my head. The

sound quality is excellent; these have really changed my gaming experience.

Now, the differences between these and the cheaper GSP 370 are negligible, but obviously it depends on what you are listening to. For example,

bass and bass notes were much clearer in the 670s.

Of course, the GSP 670 has a larger range. They are the most expensive headphones. No matter what you are playing, they sound great... but I'm not sure where these additional costs are going. Now obviously you can't use this pair to dominate the track, but for general entertainment and games, its performance is absolutely impressive.

From the audio point of view, I have never had a better gaming experience. The detail and sparkle of this headset inevitably comes from an excellent driver. One might argue that the sound quality is no different from its predecessor, because the same neodymium drivers were found in the GSP 670, and there are no complaints here, they are great.

My standard CS:GO game routine has recently been eliminated, and Squad is slowly replacing it. The sound design in Squad is excellent. If you are a fan of FPS shooting games, then there is no better way to enter the battle than using the Sennheiser GSP 670 gaming headset. The

headphones provide a truly powerful output to maximum volume, with incredible detail and no obvious cuts. All normal pings and bomb explosions have been improved again, allowing me to further immerse in the game. The significant (albeit small) difference between

and GSP 370 is that the audio is heard at the low end. GSP 670s has a frequency response range of 1023,000 Hz, providing better high frequencies and extremely low low frequencies than GSP 370s. Speaking of the low end, the clarity of the bass fired by mortars in the distance made a very realistic roar, and the clarity of the tank firing in the distance was a real treat to the ears.

When you download the Sennheiser Gaming Suite software, the headphones can provide virtual 7.1 surround sound. This improves the sound of movies and television, but more importantly, it improves the location cues in the game.

If I said I didn't test them extensively in CS: GO I'd be lying because I'm a bit addicted. The first thing to pay attention to in the game is the accuracy of the enemy's position. Although it could be argued that it is no different from the GSP 370 in this regard, the advantage I only get from the audio is a breath of fresh air. The cantilever microphone on the

GSP 670s is a two-way electret condenser microphone, which Sennheiser claims is broadcast quality. Now the first thing anyone streaming or recording will notice is that this mic is nowhere near the level of streaming quality people expect today, but that doesn't mean it should be bad. The noise reduction microphone

has created a miracle in the game, it provides a certain degree of clarity to my voice. The noise reduction effect is very good, no teammates complained on Discord (and push to talk is disabled). The

microphone has a frequency response of 10 - 7,300 Hz, which is much larger than the range of the cheap GSP 370. After much testing, you can certainly hear the difference. Although the microphone may not be able to compete with some rival headphones like the Corsair Virtuoso, its quality is still good, just considering that the price is disappointing. The

mic can't be removed, which is nice considering it's a gaming headset, but you can't really use them for commuting. Also, we've seen the rotary mute feature on some of your headphones and again, this is a great feature that I personally like. The

Sennheiser GSP 670 Gaming Headset is a premium product from the manufacturer, so there are some cool features that we didn't see on the 370 or cheaper Gaming One. Let's take a closer look at what this headset offers in addition to high-quality sound. When the

is fully charged, the GSP 670s has about 16 hours of running time, which is good, but it is not much compared to cheaper models. When you use a Bluetooth connection for up to 20 hours, this number will increase, and after testing, these numbers seem to be correct. The Bluetooth 5 technology that comes with the

headset is very interesting. On the one hand, it provides more flexibility for the devices you can connect to, but on the other hand, do gaming headsets need it? On the positive side, it works well and can connect to Bluetooth devices without problems, but I found myself thinking that the switch between the dongle and Bluetooth would help.

When I listen to music on my smartphone, everything will be fine. However, if my PC plays any audio, the connection will be interrupted and I will switch back to the USB key. This is not a big problem because you may not hear two things on two different devices at the same time, but it is a small problem.

This button is essentially the same as the DPI switch on the mouse, it can be programmed to change audio settings and again saves you from having to do tabulation. I don't really think this is a very useful feature, but there is an example. I joined a game and still set the EQ for music, so it made my overall experience more enjoyable because I didn't have to fiddle with the approximate.

If we only recommend quality-based headphones

I can't stress how clear they make the game's audio sound, they're great, but the price, weight, and comfort bring with them question marks.

To be fair, this headset is not suitable for the shape of my head. I have a feeling it will be like this after using the cheaper GSP 370s. Having said that, they stayed comfortably for about two hours before I had to take a break.

These are undoubtedly one of Sennheisers' best gaming headsets to date, but the price is high, the frame is bulky, and the weight is lighter. My vote is still the battery life champion: the GSP 370.

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