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Sennheiser gsp 370 review

GSP 600 is a well-respected gaming headset with excellent audio fidelity in audio reproduction and a built-in microphone. As a partner between EPOS and Sennheiser, both audio companies are under the same company umbrella. It has a very high-quality design, a visually appealing low-key aesthetic, and excellent audio performance. In our review, Charlie came to the following conclusion:

"Although this headset has a few minor flaws, I can safely say that my overall impression is positive. The sound is definitely the highlight of the GSP 600, bringing it to the desktop. It is a sensation. Dreamlike immersion and realism.

That said, it's not the only positive factor. This German-made earphone uses high-quality materials throughout the earphone design process, and is one of the best earphones in terms of structure and service life. "

Please be sure to check out the full review for a more detailed classification of how we work. These headphones are compatible with any device that outputs audio greater than 3.5mm, including PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

If you like paper This headset, but the black with red highlights color scheme does not meet your preferences, you are lucky, because they have just released some new color combinations that may be more in line with your preferences.

Currently, there are GSP 601 and GSP 602. They are Functionally the same as GSP 600, the only difference is the color used on the headband and ear cushions. The

GSP 601 has a black and white design with removable copper-colored side panels. The GSP 202 is black and navy blue with brandy colored ear cushions. These are some pretty stylish color options, not at all like some of the fancier, more swanky designs that some manufacturers seem to chase after.

The color scheme may not be the most important factor in determining which gaming headset you choose, but it is not entirely insignificant. Are these redesigns convincing you to check out this particular headset? Let us know in the comments. If this headset isn't for you, be sure to check out our in-depth guide to the best gaming headsets today.

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