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Sekiro shadows die twice announces a major update

As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of gaming and everyday headphones, Sennheiser has a good reputation in the audio industry. This global brand offers a variety of headphones, from high-end products to entry-level products, all of which demonstrate great value and exceptional performance. However, today we will take a closer look at a Sennheiser-GSP 300 headset in the middle. The

Sennheiser GSP 300 is an excellent headset that can provide almost everything you want for gaming headsets. Its design is very lightweight, it is excellent in terms of audio, and it has a microphone that will beat many other alternatives at this price.

We will test the Sennheiser GSP 300 to see how it performs in terms of overall performance, price and cost effectiveness, comparing it to the market leader as we progress. Chapter

In this case, don't waste any more time, dive in!



Like many other analog hearing aid products, the Sennheiser GSP 300 is very easy to set up and use out of the box. GSP 300 does not require software to function, which means you only need to connect them to your device. The main cable provides a PC splitter connection. However, PS4, XBOX, mobile phone and tablet users can use the adapter in the box if they want to use the headphones on another device. The

case follows the same theme as other GSP series models, with a white theme and the headphones on the front. Inside, you can see a significant difference in the protective materials used compared to Sennheiser's premium products (GSP 600 and GSP 670). Although the material is much thinner, it can still provide adequate protection if dropped.

In the box, we find the following items: The design of the

Sennheiser GSP 300 is very similar to other GSP models, just as you would expect. That said, they are much smaller than the 600 and 670, providing a more aerodynamic and lightweight design that many gamers will love.

Although the headphones we received were outfitted with blue and bronze gray themes, the GSP 300s also came in red, black, and white, all of which looked very interesting. The earmuffs are oval in shape and have a dangling design that can wrap the entire ear. If I'm picky, I must say that the memory foam padding on the ear muffs is very thin, yet still provides enough comfort when in use. Sennheiser equipped the GSP 300 with leatherette ear cushions, which feel very cool when worn. The inside of the ear muffs will not come into contact with your ears (which is a great advantage) and they are custom designed to better fit your ears. The

headband is quite slim, providing a good fit for those who need it. At the bottom of the headband, wearers will find an "aviation inspired" cushion to help further enhance comfort. The Sennheiser brand logo can be found on the ear muffs and headband, so viewers have no doubts as to which brand this headset is. The

microphone is located on the left side of the headset and has an extremely robust design. It has a comfortable rotary microphone (same as other GSP models) and a very thick design. The cable is not removable and is covered with rubber. Having said that, it feels very powerful and should stand the test of time. I was impressed with the Sennheiser

's ability to provide excellent build quality in its headphones, so I was looking forward to seeing good things when testing the GSP 300.

Fortunately, I was not disappointed. GSP 300s feels well done, especially for headphones that weigh less than 300 grams. The design is mostly made of plastic, but don't let that fool you, this headset offers the best flexibility you've ever seen. We twist and bend the earplugs very aggressively (much more than happens in daily use), and we never feel that the earplugs will break. We didn't even hear the creaking of the main joints. This thing feels absolutely rock solid.

We spent a lot of time testing the headband of this headset, mainly because this is usually the most vulnerable area, especially on headsets without any reinforcement. The adjustable mechanism feels a bit loose, but I have no objection to this characteristic of Sennheiser. The cushion under the headband is well made and the shell is sturdy. The sutures are well done and the glue looks very strong even if it is glued in place.

Like all GSP models, the microphone has been carefully designed and uses thick rubber materials to extend its life. The swiveltomute feature isn't quite as high-quality as the 600 or 670, but it's still better than anything else at this price. The

cable may be my biggest concern, mainly because it is made from that old rubber material. That being said, I have never broken any of these cables, they just feel a little fragile. Speaking of fragility, the volume knob on the right earbud doesn't really scream at all-the

offers very little tension and it feels cheap.

But beyond that, you have to raise your hand to Sennheiser again. They provide another well-designed and well-made headset for the headset market.

The next step is comfort, an area that usually receives a lot of attention in Sennheiser products.

Honestly, this may be one of the most comfortable headphones on the market, although it is slightly down, we will fix it soon. First of all, positive factors.

Sennheiser GSP 300

Headphones and headbands) provide a perfect combination of comfort attributes for this headset.

The synthetic leather material used for ear cushions not only provides a super soft feel, but also provides a cool (temperature) design that can block ambient noise. The headband has good adjustment capabilities and provides a comfortable cushion at the bottom. The headband also provides just the right amount of tension for the ears. You may feel a little pressure on the sides of your head, but not too much. Make sure that the headset keeps the perfect amount of safety while blocking the sound during use.

But the downside is that I think GSP 300 can provide more space. Although my head fits this headset well, I can see that some people have an advantage in terms of size. Having said that, I am quite pedantic at this stage, mainly because Sennheiser eliminated it again for convenience.

Overall, this is probably one of the most comfortable headphones in the GSP range, if not the most comfortable.

Well, we've understood the design, build quality, and comfort, now it's time to take a closer look at the Sennheiser GSP 300's performance in the gaming / audio scene.

For me, this is the most important part of the evaluation of the headphones. Literally, this is the difference between good and bad headphones, no matter how many functions or comfort the headphones have. For gamers, if the sound performance fails, the headphones should not be considered at all.

has said so much, let's see what the GSP 300 should provide.

I decided to start the sonic performance part of this review by playing some of my favorite musical genres. Usually this gives me a good idea of what the sound profile of the headphones looks like. I played a lot of different genres, from electronic to rap, rock and soul, they all sounded great.

For headphones with a retail price of around $ 100, the GSP 300s has a very full sound, which benefits greatly from the improved bass characteristics. I won't say this headphone has heavy bass, but compared to the GSP 670, for example, the bass from the 300 is definitely more prominent. So thumbs up for bass lovers. When listening to music, the high notes seem to be prominent, while the midrange sounds a bit muddy and washed away. In other words, in terms of music, my overall impression of sound performance is positive.

When testing game peripherals, I decided not to waste time and went directly to my goto game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I started a death match to warm up, and the first thing I noticed was clarity. When comparing the GSP 300 with other similarly priced alternatives, I feel that the GSP 300 definitely beats it in terms of audio quality. The bass sounds very prominent, making the sounds of grenades and snipers loud and realistic. The treble is also strong enough so that I can hear the gunfire and footsteps of the enemy from a distance. The media is very boring again, but from a competitive point of view, it doesn't make much difference to me personally.

This headset has a good sense of space. I can easily determine the enemy's location from a distance and I can hear the sound of smoke and grenades from the other side of the map. I kept playing many other games, including Far Cry 5, COD: Modern Warfare, and Red Dead 2, all of which sound great in most situations. It would be nice to hear clearer sound in the mid-range, but what can we really expect in this price range?

Compare these to some similarly priced alternatives - HyperX Cloud II and Steelseries Arctis 5

- you have to say that Sennheisers allowed them to fight for their money. In terms of sound performance, I'd say the Sennheiser is only marginal.

When it comes to microphones, like other GSP models, to say the least, the 300 provides a very efficient microphone.

clearly recorded my voice, I think it is very detailed. This sounds great for in-game communication and is equally impressive when talking to the phone. Teammates on Discord heard a slight hiss in the background. I came to the conclusion that this may be due to the sound card on my motherboard. Using it with a mixer will not produce the same results, keep this in mind. The

microphone provides a certain degree of noise reduction performance. That said, background noise can still be heard when gaming. However, I don't want to be too harsh, because other similarly priced alternatives sound bad in comparison. The swiveltomute

function works perfectly and is probably my favorite part of the microphone. The volume pickup is on the low end, which means I really have to manually boost the mic in various applications. In addition, the microphone does not really provide any versatility in terms of settings. It is very stiff and cannot really move.

In total, at about $100, it is one of the best microphones you might find. It has a lot of features and excellent recording quality. What else can you want?

This brings us well to the functional part of this review. Although the GSP 300 headset is not feature-rich, it can boast a sophisticated design that can definitely enhance the user experience. It seems that Sennheiser tries to focus on sound and microphone performance rather than additional functions.

Games The headset is to go, especially when considering how a headset in the current market is tuned for PC users. The

GSP 300 first is a PC game headset. Thanks to the convenient console adapter supplied with this headset, you can easily replace PS4, Xbox One, Tablet, Phone or Laptop to another device.

As we said, the main features of the microphone (separately from the wonderful recording quality) is the design of that fall of switchen. This feature is innovative (and is also found in all proven GSP models), separates it from the competition. For example, I am a GSP300 anti-slip microphone.

Today, many headphones in today's market perform one of two things. They have a good quality of construction or have a light design. Do you see a headset that provides both? It is said, it is exactly what we enter GSP 300.

A great GSP 300 is how well they feel. However, when it is accompanied by the Sub300GRM design, it began to achieve the quality of the quality of the quality performed by this headset.

I have it, we look for our complete exam, check the Sennheiser GSP 300 game headphones. Even if this headset is accompanied by some defects (very minor) defects, it is still one of the best game headphones in this price range, now replaced With Sennheiser GSP 370. A $ 100 price support offers the best immersive experience for music, games and general users. The light design eliminated by the engineer, is applied any pressure for the neck or head even during the longest game session. Letherette is used for the speaker and feels cold around the ear. This document corrects the sound and provides a pretty good noise cancellation.

Ultimately, the final line is this, the Sennheiser GSP 300 is probably one of the best value models in the GSP family. If you are looking for an excellent game experience and looking for headphones used on multiple platforms, you can bring a package of other functions in style, excellent construction quality, and Table-Sennheiser GSP 300 is accurate maybe I looked for him .

Ton Immersion, excellent sound quality, and you won that they were found with other similar alternatives are winning bright, rich and rich games headphones.

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