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Currently, Sega is asking its players in the United States and the United Kingdom which series of remakes, spin-offs and sequels they want to see the most. They published a poll that listed several different games and series that may be candidates for some new releases. Perhaps after the huge success of the Yakuza series on PC and the recent release of Persona 4 on Steam. Persona 4 is at the top of Steam's bestseller list, even though it was 12 years old when it launched earlier this month. The PC versions of various Yakuza games have also achieved excellent results on Steam and have helped the series find and build a strong community of players after being a niche game for many years.

Perhaps, this research may imply that different games and series can be treated in this way. Over the years, Sega has gradually strengthened its support for the PC platform. After years of console exclusivity, games like Bayonetta, Vanquish, Valkyria Chronicles, and Sonic Lost World have received late releases on the PC. They also continue to build their strength through some PC-centric series (such as Total War and Football Manager).

Sega has an extensive catalog of backup games. These games can be very popular on PC, especially games from Japanese studios. These games are hard to find international audiences on console, but it is possible to find global audiences on PC. This is especially true if you include games from Atlus, a subsidiary of Sega. The survey specifically asked Phantasy Star Online, Chu Chu Rocket, Sakura Wars, Super Monkey Ball, Goddess Tensei, Jet Set Radio, Sega Rally, Wrath Street and other games. I would love to see some of these games on PC, whether they are remakes, remakes or sequels. If you do the same, why not take a few minutes to let Sega know which games you want to play on your PC?

It turns out that some of these games that have never gotten a chance on PC can be successful on PC, even years after their initial release. Hope this poll can prove that Sega has reached this conclusion and is looking for some direction to understand which of its previous game catalogs may be a viable candidate for revival. If you want Sega to pay attention to your opinions on this matter, check out the opinion polls for yourself.

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