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Secretlab gaming chair sale

It looks like MAGNUS will put Secretlab, a brand known for its high-quality gaming chairs, with a licensed design that matches your favorite games, TV shows, and broadcast media, into the field of desk building, and possibly even further. This is a logical extension of the brand, and we look forward to seeing how it compares to the best gaming tables in the industry, including gaming tables from Arozzi, Bizzoelife, and Omnidesk.

Check out our guide to the best gaming tables of 2021 for more information. The official presentation time for

Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk is April 27, 2021, depending on your time zone:

10 a.m. Pacific Time | 1 pm. Eastern Time | 7 p.m. Central European Time | 6 p.m. BST

If you are in the US, the EU, or Singapore, you should be able to purchase the desktop from the Secretlab website, but unfortunately, UK consumers may have to wait a bit. Click the following link on the Secretlab store page. The size of the

MAGNUS metal desk is 59 inches (length) x 27.5 inches (width) x 29 inches (height) or 1500 mm x 700 mm x 735 mm, and the main table top load-bearing capacity is 220 lbs/100 kg. As the name suggests, the table is made of steel, but it also contains MDF. This table (excluding accessories) weighs 42 kg. A big selling point of the

desk is its overall "magnetic ecosystem", which allows you to easily install various accessories and magnetic MAGPAD desk mats that cover the entire table surface.

Most desktop accessories are optional accessories, to provide you with more customization options, and may save the cost of purchasing unnecessary components. The most interesting are the red magnetic cable holder (for the table) and the black magnetic cable sleeve (for the table legs), which can be magnetically attached to the table and glued together, keeping your desk wiring. neat and possible. . The MAGRGB diffuse RGB strip can also be fixed anywhere under the table to produce an "aurora-like halo", and the lighting mode and color can be controlled with the remote control. The latest accessory, the cable tether strap, works exactly as you expect. The

MAGPAD mat has many variations - there is currently a Signature Stealth version with a classic red trim to match the familiar Secretlab chair design, and there are more expensive special edition Cloud9 and Team Liquid designs, although we can imagine these will be expanded in the future. Full prices for all of the above products can be found below.

There is a cleverly designed cable management tray on the back of the table, which not only allows you to organize all the cables, but also has a front hinge mechanism, which means you can connect the back edge of the table to a position flush with the wall.

last but Not least, this desk comes with a 5-year warranty, which is definitely a welcome addition!

As you can see below, as part of Secretlab's MAGNUS cable management package, various desktop cable management accessories can be purchased together to save costs.

To complete your gaming/office space setup, why not check our guide to Secretlab chairs and their variants to find the right chair for your new desk.

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Finally, if you are not sure whether to pair a MAGNUS table with a Secretlab chair, please check our guide to the best gaming chair to determine which one is right for you.

Secretlab is synonymous with gaming chairs and has now set foot in the field of gaming tables. After years of success, it is not surprising to see Secretlab moving in this way for a long time. Today we will review the Secretlab Magnus desk, which is a metal furniture with a unique magnetic ecosystem. Its main feature is to manage your cables in the simplest and most effective way.


Gaming Desk

Max Loading Weight

Table Top: 100KG, Back Cover: 25KG


1500mm (L) x 700 (W) x 735mm + 20mm (H)

Type 4 4 4 RGB Buy separately

Type 4 4 4 44 Buy separately

Game table

Maximum load weight

Desktop: 100KG, back cover: 25KG


1500 mm (length) x 700 (width) x 735 mm + 20 mm (height)




sold separately Quality

Fashion design

MAGPAD and cable management package are very good add-ons


Slight vibration


should come with some

series accessories like Secretlab chair, the packaging is of high quality and can protect the internal components. Every small accessory we received is intact and fixed with embedded foam. The attached kit is a blessing. These instructions are very easy to understand and the average build time for most people should be between 15 and 30 minutes. Due to the size of the table, you will benefit from a second opponent, but the assembly process is simple enough for one person.

For the assembly process, I highly recommend using a drill bit, but the included tools are sufficient for the job.

We Received:

Magnus Desk The first thing that strikes you is his "iconic" Secretlab gamer aesthetic. This design style immediately limits the number of people who might be interested, but for those of you who like gaming tables, this is one of the best I've seen. The all-black appearance is very simple, of course it’s the one I prefer. The strange sparkle comes from the raised Secretlab logo.

For desks, you can take advantage of the more affordable 1.2m model. In any case, the 1.2m and 1.5m options have the same 700mm width, 735mm height and 720mm legroom, and can also be easily installed in a complete tower. Our 1.5m desk here weighs about 53 kg in packaging and about 41 kg without packaging. The smaller version only weighs about 35 kg, so you are unlikely to need help when building a 1.2m model, but I still recommend that you prepare a pair of hands.

Although the height is large enough for most people, it can be extended by 20mm. You have to turn each leg manually, but this feature is essential to the overall design and provides greater flexibility for various users who may purchase the product. Each leg has a meter indicator so you can lift the table accurately, but if you are playing on an uneven surface, assuming there is a cushion under the table, you can adjust the legs to keep the table level. The

desk is simple, but very practical and sturdy, as you would expect from the price, and is mostly made of metal. Of course, the main concept behind the Magnus desk is its magnetism, and every added function fits the desk in a very satisfying way. The surface feels like it is powder-coated and very durable, but without MAGPAD, I think you can expect similar wear and tear to other desks. It may not be recommended to pick up a desk without accessories, but you will still get a nice-looking and well-designed kit, and the built-in cable management tray is a good selling point. The

Base Secretlab Magnus comes with:

As you can see above, the basic product comes with a cable management tray because it is technically part of the desk itself. The tray is hidden behind and can only be seen from behind. In most people's settings, it is likely to be against the wall.

You can access the tray mainly through the hinged top cover, which shares the same material with the rest of the table top, with slightly slanted edges and etched marks. The hinge is strong and strong enough to keep the lid upright when entering the interior. The second place to enter the tray is below the front, through a magnetic hatch. The smaller magnetic cover gives you alternative access to the power extension cord, allowing you to quickly switch to a different plug when needed.

By launching a promotion, you can get MAGPAD for free through the Magnus desktop, in case you hadn't guessed, it is very attractive! I'd love to say that MAGPAD is an area where you can save money when you no longer provide it, but I'll lie, it's great. Unless you follow Secretlabs instructions on how to start MAGPAD, it may be difficult to quickly and smoothly run it across the surface, but it is very easy to follow. The

MAGPAD covers the entire main portion of the Magnus desktop, with a range of approximately 1,485mm x 585mm. MAGPAD is equipped with two magnetic end caps that can be slid into place, and combined with multiple magnets on the entire mat, it can be firmly fixed on your desk.

You can easily use MAGPAD as a mouse pad, but it is obviously not as soft as a standard cloth pad, so people who need mouse consistency will want to place a mouse pad on top. The cushion has a brand logo similar to the Secretlab Titan chair, with red stitching on the edges. If you plan to buy a desk, I would say that this is a must-have extra item, you will not be disappointed, and it can protect the surface from unavoidable wear and tear. The best additional feature of the

Magnus desktop is the Cable Management Pack. If you plan to purchase it, you must have the second one. The pack comes with a set of three magnetic mounts, which not only look great, but also powerful, perfect for keeping your charging cable at arm's length, ready to go. Another smart addition to the

package is the two sets of cable sleeves, which are also magnetic and stick seamlessly to the table legs to hide any power cords you need to connect to the closest outlet. Finally, Secretlab provides some Velcro closure straps to help organize the cables in the tray. The

package is not only powerful, but also beautiful and complements the overall design. Another optional accessory for the

Magnus is the magnetic bumper. We received a four-pack, rubberized so they can be magnetically attached to the table legs to prevent any wear and tear on the wall closest to you.

The last add-on we received was an impressively bright RGB strip. The strip spans two areas, creating a rainbow-like glow on the back of the table. I must say that in a dark room this really works, but this is where many people will want to save money. In theory, you can easily create the same effect with a cheaper product, but this product has a powerful magnet that can be put in place very easily.

If you position the RGB light strip the right way, assuming your PC is on the right side so you can see through the tempered glass, then unfortunately the USB power connector that powers the light strip will not connect to the PC. If necessary, you can plug it into a monitor or USB hub, or plug it into a USB socket like I did, so there is no real problem, but it's worth pointing out. The

RGB Strip comes with a small remote control that allows you to change the effect and voila.

Options. Currently, you can buy MANPADS that are different from our Signature Stealth. Although it is a branded model of the e-sports organization, it at least shows possible future customization options.

The latest add-on is something we didn't get, but if you hate leaving your headphones on the table, I'd recommend it: a magnetic headphone holder. Like everything else, the hook can be stuck anywhere you like, giving you a stable headphone hook at your fingertips. The

gaming table market has become quite outdated, and most gaming tables offer almost nothing close to the level of functionality and quality that we have seen from Magnus. For those who are specifically looking for a gaming table and don't need a stand-up gaming table, Magnus is a great but expensive product.

Remember, it is best to bring MAGPAD and a cable management bag, otherwise it is a table with a tray. One small complaint is the slight swing, to be fair, it will go away when you have a PC and a monitor put it down, but it's worth noting that it may not be as stable as the price we were hoping for. The

Magnus not only looks great, but it also comes with some amazing little extra features, and it has the potential to become the best gaming table on the market. This table oozes quality, the magnetic concept is highly innovative, and cable management becomes easy. It is an excellent gaming table.

Game Table

Maximum loading weight

Desktop: 100KG, back cover: 25KG


1500mm (L) x 700 (W) x 735mm + 20mm (H)

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 RGB Buy Magnus separately. Not only does it look great, but it also comes with some incredible additional features, potentially making it the best gaming table on the market. One minor complaint is the slight wobble, and to be fair, it disappears when you have a computer and monitor to weigh. In any case, this table exudes high quality, the magnetic concept is highly innovative, and it simplifies cable management-an excellent gaming table.

Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk

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