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Seasonic brings new psus to computex

Whether you're playing games or just working in the office, the chair you sit in is important. In the field of gaming chairs, there are many poor quality options and it is difficult to find a stylish gaming chair that is comfortable and durable. Chapter

This is where the secret lab chair comes in; the company was founded in 2014. Secretlab only manages premium gaming chairs and provides a consistent level of quality throughout the series. The Secret Lab chair has won the "Best Gaming Chair" award in recent years and continues to be an industry leader without compromising on quality and customer service.

As you may see, I am a big fan of Secretlab products, and I assure you that my ass is also.

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The people behind the Secretlab chair are actually semi-professional gamers who have seen niches in the market and noticed that most office chairs or gaming chairs are uncomfortable and provide little back support, which causes health problems . The

Secretlab chair is internationally recognized and the first choice for casual and professional gamers. Although quite expensive, their award-winning chairs have been certified for quality and reliability.

The Secretlab chair should be considered an investment. They bring excellent build quality to the table, as well as high-quality materials to ensure you have the best sitting experience.

The popularity of these high-end gaming chairs doesn't seem to be diminishing, but they're not as readily available offline as other brands.

The best way to get one of Secretlab's models is by visiting their website. If Secretlab is selling, you can bet they will advertise there. Also, when Black Friday rolls around, prices almost always drop.

You can also buy the Secretlab chair on Amazon, but to make sure you get the chair color or theme you need, I suggest you buy it directly from Secretlab.

Unfortunately, the Secretlab chair is not available in the store, which means that it is unlikely that you will try one of them before buying. That said, the company's easy-to-follow buying guide is very effective for first-time buyers.

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The Secretlab chair series is designed to meet the needs of people of different sizes and weights. The smallest in their series is Secretlab Throne, which is designed for smaller gamers. Then they also upgraded to Titan XL, which can support up to 180 kilograms of weight.

Although everything is great, it is important to find a product that suits and supports your body shape. At Secretlab, they have all the specifications and size guides you need to make the right choice, but for a quick glance, check out the small chart below. The

Secretlab chair series is designed to meet the needs of people of different body sizes and weights. The smallest in their lineup is Secretlab Throne, which is designed for the smallest players. Then they also upgraded to Titan XL, which can support up to 180 kilograms of weight.

Although everything is great, it is important to find a product that suits and supports your body shape. At Secretlab, they have all the specifications and size guides you need to make the right choice, but for a quick glance, check out the small chart below. The

2020 Secretlab Titan is at the larger end because it is equipped with a larger backrest and wider seat. This is the best gaming chair for older men and can accommodate people up to 200 cm tall and 130 kg in weight.

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For people with larger bones, Secretlab also produced the "XL" version of Titan. Titan XL is still very comfortable for players up to 208 cm tall and can support up to 180 kg. That is strong.

You can decorate Titan with three different materials; 2.0 PU leather, NAPA leather or SoftWeave fabric. The Secretlab Titan gaming chair is available in seven different colors and 13 different special editions.

It's worth noting that Titan XL is limited to SoftWeave and PU leather, with a total of four different color options.

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Secretlan Omega 2020 Gaming Chair is considered by many to be one of the best gaming chairs available. Although it provides one of the best comforts among similar products, its quality of manufacture and its lower price make this gaming chair an absolute value for money.

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Omega is a smaller chair, suitable for most people, and a very successful product. This best-selling Secretlab chair is suitable for people under 180cm tall and has a maximum load of 100kg. The

Omega is the most comfortable chair in the Secretlab series and one of the most comfortable gaming chairs that money can buy. The chair uses better padding than Titan, which is significantly more comfortable in comparison.

Like Titan, Omega also offers all three decorations. Omega also has the same special edition as Titan, but with some additional options.

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Secretlab chairs are available in a variety of colors, materials and special editions. The brand cooperates with various e-sports teams, TV shows and even movies to bring players some very cool modeling chairs.

Secretlab Titan and Omega gaming chairs can be decorated with three different fabrics (PU leather, NAPA leather and SoftWeave), while Throne and Titan XL chairs have only two options (PU leather, SoftWeave).

Secretlab PRIME 2.0 PU leather-The new improved polyurethane (2.0) leather used in the Secretlab 2020 chair series is designed to be four times stronger than the previous material.

This durable material is soft and flexible,

Cars and bags. This is a "creamy smooth" fabric that is very cool to the touch and provides you with maximum comfort.

Secretlab SoftWeave Fabric - This material is Secretlab's signature blended weave option, made from short dense 350GSM yarn.

This material has been carefully designed to be breathable and comfortable. This type of fabric dissipates heat faster, does not perspire and is an ideal material for hot weather or long-lasting games.

This material feels comfortable, although it is fabric, it is easy to clean with commercial fabric cleaners.

Secretlab SoftWeave is woven and has high tensile strength, so it will not deform for a long time. One of the great advantages of the

Secretlab chair is that there are many designs to choose from. Therefore, you can decorate your chair to make it look as good as your other environments. For those who like something more subtle and timeless, there are sleek plain designs in various materials and colors (I have Omega 2020 Prime PU Leather 2.20 in Ash, I like it). However, for those who want more personality and charm, they can choose from a variety of unique designs. However, it should be noted that these designs are only available on Titan and Omega chairs, and Titan XL has only simple designs.

Here are some of our favorite designs from Secretlab, including the special edition Cybperunk 2077 chair.

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Secretlab’s new sub-brand NeueChair brings the company into the office chair market. Since ergonomic competitors are usually very expensive, the more affordable NeueChair is a good choice.

This modern computer chair is totally ergonomic, very comfortable and beautiful. These are professionally designed to support your back, neck, and shoulder muscles and relieve pain and tension that you may feel when sitting at your desk for a few hours.

NeueChair has two "colors" of silver and obsidian. Both models are made of polished ADC12 aluminum; however, obsidian is industrially galvanized to improve durability.

NeueChair has excellent fit options and is made from "NeueMesh", which is a breathable, three-layer fabric that conforms well to the skin and is very flexible.

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Secretlab chair is one of the best chairs on the market, and the incredible manufacturing quality makes it worth the money. Their well-thought-out product line covers players of different sizes and offers comfort and style that competitors seem to be unable to match.

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. Many people who are lucky enough to buy or try it consider it to be the ultimate gaming chair. When you buy it yourself, it's easy to understand why.

has impressive color options, settings and additional additional features. To be honest, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Secretlab chair product line.

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