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Samsung ssd 980 pro nvme drive out now

Good news for Samsung fans. Samsung Solid State Drives (SSDs) seem to be faster.

Although Samsung already has excellent solid state drives, it has now launched two new series of solid state drives, taking the market to a new level. These new series of SSDs named PM1733 and PM1735 will use the new PCIe 4.0 interface to increase performance.

19 new SSD models are online and will provide two form factors, PCIe add-in card and 2.5-inch type U.2. The storage capacity of each model ranges from 800GB to 30.72TB.

Samsung claims that all its new drives will use sequential write speeds, reaching a speed of 3,800 MB/s. Furthermore, Samsung also stated that its read speed can reach 6,400 MB/s.

This is a direct competition with AMD's Ryzen 3000 CPU.

has high technology, good performance, and always has a high price. Unfortunately, we cannot say that it is different here. In most cases, these SSDs will be more suitable for those who use them in a commercial or corporate environment, rather than for personal use.

Samsung said they can see that it can be applied to servers, and the high continuous speed can provide more for those who really need high performance instead of ordinary computer users.


Samsung is working hard to introduce special features that may make the new SSD more suitable for the workplace. These new SSDs will have a "failure" feature that will keep them running even if the NAND chip in the drive fails. This failure protection causes the SSD to copy the data it needs to free up space on the drive.

also announced virtualization technology on the drive. This is to allow them to create up to 64 smaller SSDs for the virtual workspace. In addition, Samsung is also committed to integrating machine learning to further improve the reliability of the unit.

Samsung has not yet given a trade date. They also didn't mention when the public can use Samsung's innovations in SSD speed and reliability. Therefore, unfortunately, we need to wait patiently during this period.

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