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Samsung evo vs qvo

According to reports, South Korean technology giant Samsung is considering joining the competition and acquiring shares from the semiconductor company Arm.

According to a report published by the Korea Times, citing a senior official in the South Korean semiconductor industry, Samsung is considering holding a small number of shares in the company in the form of equity investment.

According to sources, Samsung is expected to acquire 3% to 5% of Arm's shares, imitating Samsung's acquisition of shares in Dutch semiconductor company ASML in 2012.

"As seen in Samsung’s previous acquisition of ASML’s shares. Samsung is likely to try to acquire Arm’s shares. Since Samsung can consolidate its relationship with ASML after the share acquisition, Samsung hopes to reduce its licensing fees by acquiring Arm’s shares.

There were similar reports last week that GPU giant Nvidia took the lead in acquiring ARM directly from the Japanese technology group Softbank. According to Bloomberg News, negotiations are reported to have made progress, and a final agreement is expected to be reached within a few weeks.

The Korea Times reported that NVIDIA may lack the financial resources to directly acquire Arm, and it is difficult to get the favor of the North American, European and East Asian Fair Trade Commission to approve the acquisition. According to reports, SoftBank’s goal is to abandon Arm at a price of more than US$40 billion, which is not a small sum even for the world’s leading GPU manufacturers. If Nvidia can overcome these obstacles, the acquisition of Arm will definitely enhance Nvidia's future prospects in the semiconductor field.

American semiconductor analyst Jim Handy (Jim Handy) believes that "a consortium of companies without factories or intelligent system design companies" is more likely to emerge than a company that completely owns Arm. Few individual companies have the funds to consider such a major acquisition, let alone enter into negotiations (with the exception of giants like Nvidia and Apple), making the consortium likely the result of Arm's sale in the weeks and months to come. . .

As more and more potential suitors join the competition, anyone is wondering which hands Arm will ultimately fall into.

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