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Samsung 970 evo plus black friday deal

According to Samsung, its next-generation DDR5 system memory should appear sometime next year.

Samsung recently announced its first EUV-based DRAM-D1x. These are DDR4 chips, and starting next year, they will eventually become the pioneers of EUV-based DDR5 products.

extreme ultraviolet lithography or EUV is a lithography technique that reduces the complexity of silicon manufacturing. This means that manufacturers can simplify their lithography process by using shorter wavelength light. The

governing body JEDEC has announced an increase in the density of each chip, which means that manufacturers can get more compressed memory in their products for the arrival of DDR5.

We know that DDR5 will double the usable data rate that we can get with DDR4, which should be good news for those who want to upgrade their memory next year.

It seems that some manufacturers are using EUV technology, such as TSMC, Nvidia's Turing GPU and AMD's 7nm line. However, it seems that AMD will focus on DUV (deep ultraviolet) in the future to produce upgraded 7nm nodes for Zen 3 and RDNA 2.0. Intel

also seems to be committed to implementing DDR4 with its next-generation Intel Rocket Lake CPU. Therefore, although Samsung’s news about DDR5 is interesting, we are not sure where it will find its place when it launches next year. Memory manufacturer

Micron will test DDR5 registered DIMMs. However, these are used in server racks instead of ordinary gaming PCs. Samsung may follow the DDR5 trade route until demand in other areas of the industry increases.

is difficult to predict what the future of DDR5 will look like, but we will provide you with the latest information at any time, in case we hear more from now until Samsung plans to launch it in 2021.

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