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Ryzen 9 3950x overclocking

Despite the September 2019 publication, AMD has revealed that the launch of Ryzen 9 3950x CPU returns to November today.

We find the powerful demand of our third-generation AMD model processor in the market, and this time, the processor family THIRD GEN AMD Ryzen Threadripper AMD Ryzen 9 3950x and the initial member of November will be published, is a schedule. We are convinced that lovers get the first generation of our first 16Core main desktop processor and our high-end desktop processor, and latency is worth it.

The giant, existing microprocessors, the chip order record, specifically, one of the three Rayzen CPUs seems to be very sought after three Rayzen CPU.

TopTier AMD Chip demand is a specific model, such as Ryzen 9 3900x, has never been a private transluque, and you can find a private transaction. The sources guess that AMD is fighting for the lack of 7 Nm chips due to unique difficulties in the manufacturing process.

This week makes reports reported that the reports fought to meet the demand for TSMM to meet the demand for TSMC 7nm technology for AMD processors. It was recommended that they extend production delivery times from 2 to 6 months as a warning action to customers. It is unknown if the advertisement of

AMD is linked. However, time can be a factor when TSMC STRUGGLE presses Resegen 9 3950x launch in November. Here you can find the place to buy 3950 x exactly.

Other theoretical points to the degraded reaction of consumers that determine Ryzen 3000 chips that have not been advanced speed. AMD presses the delay to guarantee the same problem that does not affect

Ryzen 3950x.

Fortunately, AMD did not dry up and announced that Tandem in Tandem will be launched in November. First he has heard the company's launch date, and there is some way to reduce the disappointment related to Ryzen 3950x.

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