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Ryzen 7 vs ryzen 9

The latency of the new Ruilong 9 3950X appears to be due to the recorded clock speed not being as high as originally expected. Last week, AMD announced that 16-core CPUs will be further postponed because "they are focused on meeting strong demand."

We first learned of this delay at the end of last week, and it is now shown that these chips will not appear until at least November; this may be the best case. We now know that this lag is not a supply problem that we thought of earlier, but can be attributed to "unsatisfactory clock speed", which is of more concern to potential buyers.

AMD seems to be concerned about the shortage and the fact that the clock speed is not up to its expectations makes its problems seem like it won't stop.

Reports about TSMC (the company responsible for providing technology for processors) struggling to keep up with demand may still be true. However, when this new information coincides with AMD's admission that the Ryzan 3000 series processors have not reached the speed they sold earlier this month, it is worrying.

This latest news comes from DigiTimes. He said:

"The news that TSMC extended the delivery of 7nm chips due to strong demand last week triggered instinctive speculation that AMD has postponed the release of its Ryzen 9 3950X.

"According to motherboard supply The source of the chain stated that the result was an unsatisfactory clock speed, not actor support, which caused AMD to adjust its 16-core processor design.

Although we cannot confirm these claims ourselves, it is completely reasonable for AMD to block these chips when they are studying possible solutions. The introduction of a processor that is at least not on par with Intel's high-end processors will definitely remain in the mouths of consumers. Under the sour taste.

Given that AMD has always admitted that the problem of slow clock speed is very slow, but fortunately we are still working to solve this problem, we are unlikely to hear any official announcement anytime soon. Since this is just speculation so far, we of course have to wait for the final post to determine whether these issues have been resolved.

Although AMD may still be working to resolve supply issues, it is expected that this new setback will be the last time we have seen it before launch. After all, AMD really needs to be prepared in this regard.

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