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Ryzen 4000 mobile apus

According to new speculation, with the upcoming Ryzen 4000 Renoir Zen 2 APU, AMD may be preparing to beat Intel's Ice Lake Iris Plus Graphics G7 and NVIDIA's GeForce MX250 in pure performance. The

Renoir APU is expected to decline this month, but we haven't heard any news from AMD, making the International Consumer Electronics Show 2020 the best option for the official opening. However, rumors continue to circulate.

well-known leaker Komachi posted a series of Renoir lists on Twitter, which appears to show the Ryzen 9 Renoir Zen 2 APU variant, code B12, with reference to the 12 iGPU computing unit. Considered within the framework of the 7nm process, this is related to the technology's goal of accommodating more cores on the chip.

Although we don't have a clear understanding of the number of cores on the Renoir chip, this paved the way for Vega 12 graphics integration.

Some people even suggested that the Renoir APU could accommodate Vega 13 or even Vega 15 graphics. , another well-known Twitter hardware enthusiast, the configuration of the Vega Compute Unit cluster and its cache, as well as the additional cores provided by the 7nm process, open the door for the Vega 13 and Vega 15 iGPUs. The news of the

is also very interesting. It shows that AMD is reserving Navi iGPU for Zen 2+ chips. This may be due to the inherent challenge of drawing enough 7nm Navi units in time for the Ryzen 4000 Renoir APU to launch next year. . It remains to be seen whether the Vega iGPU-equipped

Ryzen 4000 Renoir Zen 2 APU can further enhance AMD's advantages over Intel and NVIDIA counterparts, but the leak shows that whether the company can implement its natural performance capabilities in a make full use of its advantages.

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