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Ryzen 3900x new world record

According to our usual search for pre-order page retailers to support the new Ryzen 3950x, 3960x and 3970x versions that will be released on November 25th, we have seen clear product images of the new Threadripper box, which looks very stylish and sophisticated. The

new Threadripper case seems to be designed as a single plastic case with rounded corners. It is very small and feels good in the hand. You can see the CPU comfortably placed in the case.

Interestingly, the product number appears in the sample case 198/250 in the lower left corner of the CPU. The pre-order price of the 3960X in France and Spain is 1,624.21 euros, and the price of the 3970X is 2,311.88 euros. Interestingly, Amazon’s listing in these two countries/regions shows that the product will be available on November 26 instead of November 25, which is the official release date.

We found these product images on Amazon, and you can now pre-order 3960x and 3970x from Spain and France. If you are looking for retailers in other countries, please visit our 3950X release date page and our 3960x and 3970x release date pages.

Once we get more information, we will continue to update you with all the information related to the upcoming version of Ryzen 3rdgen Threadripper. Therefore, please pay close attention to the site and make sure to go to the WePC community to learn what other readers think of these chips.

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