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Ryzen 3000 boost clocks

MSI has begun to release a BIOS update based on AMD's latest microcode, AGESA (AMD General Package Software Architecture)

MSI has stated in the past that the new microcode can provide more than 100 fixes, one of which is the startup time.

According to MSI, they are the first motherboard manufacturer to use the latest AMD Combo Pi BIOS update version Patch B (SMU v46.54). MSI stated that compared to the previous version, this microcode "has a huge improvement in all points related to debugging and optimization."

further commented, MSI said: "Specifically, the optimized system startup program allows users to shorten the startup time and speed up the startup process. Compared with the previous version, the boot speed of entering the BIOS is increased by 20%."

A video showing the X570 motherboard with the latest microcode appeared. The video shows that the system starts much faster than the previous microcode.

This video shows the CMOS startup and cleaning process of MSI's Meg X570 Godlike motherboard. Compared with the previous BIOS version based on AGESA, the motherboard manages to complete this task faster through the latest BIOS update of AGESA

This system uses Ryzen 5 3600 processor and 16GB DDR4 memory. You can view the startup time comparison in the table below for more information.

data shows that the time to clear CMOS jumped from 33 seconds to 25 seconds, a speed increase of 24.2%. There are some big improvements when comparing the boot time after saving, exiting, and starting the PC. The time has been drastically reduced from 23 seconds to just 16 seconds; the start time has increased significantly by 30.4%.

Although this will vary from system to system, these enhancements are good news for AMD users. MSI

stated in another statement: "At present, the X570 motherboard BIOS will be available for users to download and update at the end of October. The updated BIOS version supports Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G which They run on the X570 platform, and it also supports RAID functions, including SATA and NVMe based drives for X570 motherboards. We are still working hard to develop another existing 300 and 400 series motherboard product line, which will be released soon in November. "

We will pay close attention to more announcements, but it seems that we don't have to wait too long for us to solve these problems. Increase the startup speed. If there are more updates, we will definitely notify you when they update.

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