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Rx 6800xt vs rtx 3080

The news we were waiting for is finally here. After weeks and months of speculation, we can get all the news, AMD finally announced its new series of graphics cards, Radeon RX5500 and Radeon RX5500m.

Back in September, when some specs were leaked in an online benchmark test, we experienced the content of these cards for the first time. Although the information on these cards is limited, they confirm that these cards will be announced soon. Thank God, now is the time.

We now know that the Radeon RX 5500 will ship to the desktop and mobile markets. The RX 5500 series is based on 7nm Navi 14GPU and will provide 8GB of GDDR6 memory at a speed of 14Gbps.

Technically speaking, the matrix size of the 7nm Navi 14 GPU is 158mm2, with a total of 6.4 billion transistors. AMD said that compared with Radeon RX 480, the increase in transistor density and array size will bring 1.6 times the performance improvement. For more detailed information about RX 5500 and RX5500m, please see the listing page from AMD. AMD

stated: "The RX 5500 graphics card powers the world’s most technologically advanced 1080P gaming laptops. Radeon RX 5500 is powered by an innovative 7nm RDNA architecture with Radeon ™ Image Sharpening 4 and Radeon ™ AntiLag 5 technologies, which provides extremely sensitive high security Real game.”

Another strange news is that the mobile version will be launched at the same time as the desktop version. The operating speed of the RX 5500m will be slightly lower than that of a desktop computer. One of the limitations is that it can only be equipped with 4GB of memory. However, it is still a very impressive card, comparable to its GeForce GTX 1650

. The good news is that the mobile version of this RX 5500 will have the same number of computing units and stream processors as the desktop version. In addition to the reduction in the amount of VRAM mentioned, the clock speed will also be slightly lower, around 1,448MHz.

It's always good to do some side-by-side comparisons when new cards are released. Take a quick look at the content below to get a rough idea of where this card is in the existing market.

We have included price comparisons for these cards, but since there is no official price list for the new Navi cards, this is just a guess. We will definitely notify you in time after hearing the news.

AMD stated that the Radeon RX 5500 will first be available on desktops and laptops, and will later ship as a separate product. For some people hoping to get the cards, this may be frustrating, but since there is no set release date yet, this is still a waiting game.

Judging from the above specification table, the RX 5500 series seems to be only aimed at people who want to play games at 1080p. This means that the performance of these cards is likely to be in the mid-price range; speculated that this may be between RX580 and RX590. We cannot be sure until more details appear and we have a chance to see the actual effect of these cards.

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