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This is a book for all budding gourmets and culinary masters-there is now an official Destiny Cookbook.

Destiny developer Bungie and publisher Insight Editions were announced today. Destiny: The official recipe promises ``recipes collected from the guardians of the entire solar system. ''

The writer Victoria Rosenthal opened up his own niche market, connecting seemingly different foods to the world of video games, and using legends of destiny to create inspirational recipes. Through characters and locations dotted in Bungie's popular multiplayer first-person shooter world. Each recipe is accompanied by a short anecdote that helps to build a welcome narrative around each dish and should resonate with fans of fate.

As the official description of "Destiny: The Official Cookbook" says:

"Eva Levante, all the guardian's friend, confidant, fashion consultant and unofficial aunt, finally put together her cookbook collection for everyone to enjoy. Recovered records from cities, towers, farms, and guardians and their ghosts from the Golden Age archives of the entire solar system and other regions, these delicious recipes are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and all photos. Color helps guide and motivate fans to follow their path. Own cooking adventure. “

’s famous recipes include Titan-style turquoise Wavesplitter, spicy ramen from the tower, reveller’s tonic, a delicious coleslaw that guides Xur, and the harshly frozen Gjalladoodles cashew biscuits based on Zavala. You can use it. To name its name and inspiration, but whether you are a big Destiny fan or not, these dishes certainly look appetizing.

Destiny: The Offical Cookbook is now available in hardcover format from the Bungie Store. Bungie says it’s the perfect match for Destiny 2. The most recently launched arrival season in China. The purchase price is 37.99 EUR/34.99 USD. Each copy comes with the Destiny 2 "Between the Lines" logo printed on the card in the book, which can then be redeemed in-game.

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