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Rune 2 system requirements

The specially optimized oxide has proded hands in the form of DLSS support. This will be available on July 1. The revival survival game

received a wide range of visual updates by 2021, including a wide range of rivals and general graphic reviews in certain areas. DLSS 2.0 means that PC players can make games with high resolution due to performance degradation. This makes the game successfully without interfering with the game FPS so that the game is not disturbed as much as possible. It is known at

as reported, Rainbow Six Siege has improved 50% of 4K performance. We do not have accurate performance data to run for Rust, but I am excited to see what DLSS 2.0 can be provided.

Deepleraning Super Sampping (or DLSS) is its own technology of increased NVIDIA scale. The use of a Core AI tensioner processor in the GPU effectively attributes the pixel representation process in high resolution images, reduces the loading of the hardware in the game, and improves the performance of FPS as a result. Especially in 4 k harmonic games in 4 k benefit from this technology.

DLSS 1.0 was a little more disappointed, but it was found that the DLSS 2.0 iteration was very impressive. The AMD FSR technology is intended to compete with DLSS, but it is based on several technologies and is not powerful.

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