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Rtx 3080 vs 3090

Nvidia released some exciting news during TwitchCon this weekend. They demonstrated the next generation of media drive enhancements to the RTX drivetrain engine. The engine is configured to "use the AI function of the GeForce RTX GPU to convert streaming in real time."

asking what you can't do may be a more relevant question! Although some of these features may not be groundbreaking for professional presenters, they will definitely help rising stars improve their anchors. Of course, if you have an RTX card ...

Nvidia will be able to provide real-time effects like green screens, augmented reality avatars and filters. It all depends on Nvidia's hardware-accelerated video encoding engine. The best part is that it will not affect the frame rate of the game when you use these features.

As mentioned above, the anchors who have already set the settings may not worry too much about these functions. The main advantage of using this new drive motor is that it can be used on one machine. You will no longer need a separate setting to encode your live stream, which saves a lot of money for people who want to start.

Since this is a Nvidia product, you need to run one of the GTX graphics cards to use these functions, because some of the enhancements provided use Tensor cores. The GTX card series requirements are unfortunate for those who have not yet run them. However, perhaps some of the more advanced features provided by NVIDIA will push people to upgrade. One of the features of the

that makes this engine stand out is the ability to create your own green screen ... no green screen required! This obviously reduces the cost of creating your own green screen, but it also allows you to configure it on the fly (without having to rearrange your office space) and get impressive results. The

RTX green screen allows you to "provide real-time background removal of the webcam source, so that only your face and body appear in the live stream." Although (except for the launch of the promotion) we have not seen its real effect, but because it is easier to enter, this is expected to start persuading more people to go live.

In addition to the RTX green screen, we can also use the RTX AR function. This allows the software not only to detect your face, but also to search for facial features and shape your face in real time. This leads to some very impressive real-time augmented reality effects without the need for additional hardware or software. Although this may eventually become a gimmick for broadcasters, the technology itself is impressive and may lead to the further development of AR in the future.

Finally, if you are using these process enhancements, you can also use style filters. The RTX style filter allows you to "transform the appearance of the webcam based on the style of another image." This will allow you to instantly change the appearance of the webcam stream with the push of a button. Is this essential feature? No, but it's still a cool feature.

Nvidia is also currently working with OBS (a popular streaming application) to integrate some of these features. This is good news for people who are already familiar with the software and don't want to change too many settings.

Now, other companies like Twitch Studio, Elgato, and Discord are starting to use the Nvidia Video Codec SDK, which is starting to make Nvidia cards ideal for those whose primary goal of the system is streaming.

Although some of these features look fancy on the surface, the technology behind them is not surprising. Personally, I am very happy to see how far Nvidia will take this idea and how they will start integrating it into other software.

Its codec is used by other applications, such as Discord, and they recently released their "Go Live" feature, which uses the Nvidia video codec to stream games in the application, which puts the Nvidia graphics card on the list of emerging launchers top of.

We don't know when these features will be available, but we will make sure to keep an eye on any future developments.

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