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Rtx 3080 prebuilt gaming pc

We just released the 3060 Ti, which is a very popular graphics card that enhances and enhances Nvidia's budget-oriented GPU series. Now it seems that Nvidia will continue to release the Ti (titanium) version. Brand cards with the upcoming 3080 Ti and RTX 3060 standard editions. The

leak was provided by Igor's laboratory, Igor himself, who handled the leak accurately in the past. According to Igor, the RTX 3080 Ti will be launched in February 2021, and the 3060 will be available in early January 2021.

It is not clear whether Nvidia will provide further information about the actual launch date and time. A mystery, but if the release of the 3060 Ti is something that needs to be experienced, then reliable rumors may be that we must continue until Nvidia makes all of us "surprised" with the announced and upcoming cards. Just like they did it with 3060 Ti.

Igor also mentioned some interesting aspects of the 3060: it will be available in 6GB and 12GB formats. This is a bit encouraging, because it means that users will have a lot of choices when it comes to Nvidia's budget GPU first and first choice. Whether Nvidia will extend this memory change to other cards (such as the 3080 with 10GB of memory) is unclear, but considering that the 3060 may be Nvidia's most popular card, it is great that this option is available. .

Well, so far we are not a bit reliable in terms of rock solid details, but it is common among rumors and leaks to know that the card will boot with 20Gb of vRAM, which is a good start. We also know that the card's specs will fall between 3080 and 3090 in terms of performance, but the actual details, such as CUDA counts, are still unknown. However, there are rumors that the card can be equipped with up to 34 teraflops of power, and the card will be reconfigured on the Samsung 8nm processor nodes; this is pretty good for the course, because Nvidia is setting up their 30 series. Relying on this

process So now that the hypothetical 3080 Ti release date has been leaked, as a consumer, you have several options to choose from. Obviously which is the first: wait for the launch of the 3060 and 3080 Ti, so that you as a PC gamer have more options, and it is possible to enjoy higher GPU power than the 3080 at a lower cost than the 3080. at 3090.

If this card can top AMD's 6900 XT, we haven't seen it yet, just as we haven't yet figured out whether there will be 3070 Ti or 3090 Ti to complete the praise. We're also not sure about the return of the "super" nickname, but we can only wait to see if it will return.

is now to wait for Nvidia's official confirmation of the launch, and to hope that when these cards come out, the supply will be enough to meet the needs of all customers around the world so far. What is disappointing is the bad version from Nvidia and AMD. To be honest, Sony and Microsoft have not been a good year for hardware releases.

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