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Rtx 2070 vs gtx 1070

RTX 2070 may find you easily beaten on low-spec GTX cards, but what happens when you're faced with things your own size, like ... GTX 1080 Ti? From all angles, these cards should be stacked fairly evenly on top of each other. 1080 Ti is the essence of the vintage GTX; 2070 is just a mid-range RTX GPU, but it is a more advanced technology product.

We really like the GTX series already. At the time of writing, 2070 is almost two years old, so it is by no means a new one. At current prices, it still has a long way to go before we are sure of its value.

Clock Speed

1620 MHz



Memory Bus Width

256 Bit

Clock Speed

1632 MHz




0 A variant of TU106400AA1 designed by Nvidia’s latest architecture Turing. We know that 1080 Ti is very powerful, but architecturally speaking, it is not much different from any other GTX GPU. The

PCIe 3 1080 Ti is built with GP102350K1A1 (a micro-architecture variant of Pascal) and has an intimidating 3,584 CUDA cores. 2070 (also PCIe 3) only has 2304, but due to the advanced command execution in the Turing architecture, each core is said to be able to accomplish more. The

1080 Ti also contains more transistors - a billion more to be precise, which heralds faster frame rate performance, but there will be more to come. The 1080 Ti continues its carnival of specs with more shaders, textures, and rendering units. Interestingly, the RTX 2070 has 36 SMs, while the 1080 Ti 28 has. The

SMs are made up of a large number of registers. These registers are divided into a series of threads that run CUDA cores. These cores are essentially command controlled. In theory, RTX cards should be able to handle heavier and more complex workloads.

As we all know, the RTX 2070 gets a bit hot sometimes and has a heat capacity of 89 ° C, so it makes sense to focus on a good fan system when walking. It is also a good idea to try to optimize the flow of your case, because it is an outdoor GPU, which means that it will discharge heat into your case rather than outside of it. Depending on the ambient temperature in the room, you can also try an open cabinet. It only produces 175 watts of power, which is very light but still loud. The

1080 Ti can reach some very humid temperatures too, but it makes more sense because it's rated at up to 251 watts, and has a capacity of over 91 ° C to compensate for it. For normal fans, it is not uncommon for the Ti to be stable between 80 - 84 ° C, which is good, but if you like a quiet and cool room, you can use Afterburner to dial in a low voltage or even use the vertical installation to the adventure. .

There is not much difference between the sizes of these GPUs. The overall size of the RTX 2070 is slightly smaller, considering that its die size is 445mm2 compared to Ti's 471mm2 die size, you would expect this.

portrait, 9 inches, the RTX card is only 1.5 inches smaller, but if you like to handle very compact boats and keep things to a minimum, you will appreciate this tiny difference. In terms of height, RTX is actually a bit bigger, but only 2.54mm, and they are all 2-slot cards.

Putting aside the nonsense of specifications, let us return to the really important thing, some full-speed games with different resolutions. The

1080 Ti ranks among the best of some good old-fashioned 1080p HD games, but it has almost no content from games to games, and the 2070 has achieved some weak victories on its own. RTX runs games such as PUBG and League of Legends at a frame rate of 1 to 2, but it is by far the most suitable card for Minecraft, with an average gain of 15%.

1080 Ti changed it for World of Warcraft, achieving a symmetrical 15% victory and then defeating CSGO, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Battlefield 1, Overwatch, and GTA 5 with a variable score of 3-9%. The

GTX card's overall average 880p win rate drops to 6% during 1440p games, so across a wide range of games the performance is very close and the 2070 appears to be attractive. In other words, it actually only averages below the 100fps mark, which is not ideal for expensive GPUs.

At 4K, the average frame rate of both GPUs was low in the 1960s, but 1080 Ti will still be better than 2070 in terms of pure speed, maintaining a 6% performance gap.

This is where things get interesting. 2070 stacks all the new dedicated Turing RT cores, basically completely redefining the way light is rendered in game. Ray tracing creates super-realistic lighting patterns by mimicking or "tracing" the natural path of light.

just need to search the internet quickly, you can find RT and traditional raster side by side comparison, to know how big this step is. Ray tracing

is not an inherent capability of the GTX series, but using a special Nvidia driver it can be activated with a GTX card as long as the game supports it. Usually under RT workload the overall performance will drop, but if there's a GTX card that can handle the weight, that's the 1080 Ti

optimized Turing architecture. 2070 has a GDDR6 buffer, one is better

1750MHz faster memory clock speed, the overall effective rate is 14GBps. The clock frequency of Ti is 1376GBps, which is equivalent to an effective rate of only 11GBps.

clock speed

MHz 1620


memory bus width


clock speed

MHz 1632



11.73 inches

Well, this is clean up, gamer god. GTX 1080 Ti is objectively faster than RTX 2070. But it is very close! If we choose between the two, it is difficult to decide which one we will choose. 1080 Ti is definitely the best choice for competitive gamers who value every frame, but for leisurely gamers, the advanced core and coloring functions of 2070 will provide a truly fascinating experience.

Having said that, in games that do not support ray tracing, 1080 Ti is still very good, providing better texture details and faster complex spikes. However, for the card that was released about four years ago, it was quite expensive, but then again, 2070 only appeared a year later, and the price was similar. Of course there is no point in upgrading

from 2070 to Ti, and vice versa. If you have one or the other, you can also stick to them until you set your sights on something with a greater performance leap. If you are considering which one to update, we will choose the most suitable box format for you.

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