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The developers behind the "Batman: Arkham" series finally confirmed in a recent tweet that they are working on a suicide squad game.

This tweet is a short and sweet tweet, but it confirms that the rumored Suicide Squad title does exist; More details are expected to be released on August 22. Rocksteady is looking to make a full announcement on the DC FanDome, the digital event for DC Comics fans.

Since "Batman: Arkham Origins", the possibility of suicide squad games has been discussed and considered. In the final title scene, we see Amander Waller (Amander Waller) inviting Death Knell to join the suicide squad, so this possibility has been there ever since. Now, seven years later, it seems that we can finally see the continuation of that trailer. This

Rocksteady confirmation may not come as a surprise to many people, as the entire game has been confirmed so far. In recent weeks, people have made suggestions about the full name of the game.

A few weeks ago, a list of domain names was leaked, indicating that Rocksteady was investigating the name of a suicide squad. According to this post on Resetera, "", "" and "" were recently registered. However, this information appeared on the forum of the now deleted account, so we cannot be sure if it is correct.

Leaving Rocksteady's tweet, it looks like they'll keep it simple and call it "Suicide Squad", but this may not mean it's the official name.

We learned from this tweet that the Suicide Squad could be confronted by the Justice League. We saw a cross on Superman's head with "Suicide Squad" written on it, so we can be sure that Superman won't become a loyal fan of them.

Earlier this year, we saw a mysterious tweet from WB Games Montreal that made fun of another Batman game. This is a partial photo of a shield, and the missing part was posted on Facebook and Instagram. All in all, we are still not sure what it means, but the big rumor going around is that it is about the Illuminatilike organization, Owl Court.

It is still difficult to say if this will be associated with the game "Suicide Squad". We may see several different game announcements on August 22.

So far, we know very little about other aspects, but we hope to have more to discuss in a few weeks. In the coming weeks, we'll be paying close attention to any announcements made by Rocksteady, so be sure to check out the latest gaming news on WePC.

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