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Developer Psyonix announced today that the popular Rocket League car football mashup game will be available for free. After five years as a paid championship title, Rocket League will start for free later this summer, which Psyonix describes as the "next chapter" of the game.

"After nearly five years of millions of players and billions of football games, it’s time to talk about the next chapter of the Rockets League. Without our dedicated and outstanding community, the game would not have achieved what it is today. Today, We are happy to announce that we are preparing to expand the community. Starting later this summer, the Rocket League will be open for free! "

There is no set date yet, but the free game will launch concurrently with Rocket League's Epic Games Store on PC, allowing cross-platform gaming on console and Steam. Psyonix notes that since then, new players no longer be able to download the Steam version of Rocket League. The Epic Games Store will effectively become the home of the Rocket League on PC. Why move to the Epic Games Store? Epic Games acquired this San Diego-based company in May of last year Developers.

Those players who already own Rocket League and have played online will get Legacy status, which includes some good things like all Rocket League DLC, a title `Est. 20XX` and more than 200 ordinary items are automatically upgraded to Legacy level. , Golden Universe Accelerator, DieciOro wheel and Huntress player banner. When the free game goes live, all items will be awarded.

Psyonix will also use the free play transition to improve some parts of the game and add some new features -

's main game will remain the same, but we are improving the main menu to make it easier to explore the game. Also, We're improving and enhancing important features like tournaments and challenges, and introducing cross-platform processes! Rocket League action on the pitch remains the core, high-intensity mix of the sports and actions you love today. Soon, more players will share this type of action. love. ”4,444 updated tournaments and improved challenge systems are also in progress. Psyonix promises to provide more detailed information about these changes soon.

Psyonix assures current game owners that once Rocket League is free to play, their inventory will remain the same, and a cross-platform process has also been launched. Regardless of the platform, players can bring their items, Rocket Pass progress, and competition level to any platform through their Epic Games account.

Psyonix completes the press release by sharing news with the following people:

"As we get closer and closer to launching the Rocket League for free, there will be more information to disclose, such as the new features, content, and more that we discussed before. Platform progress. So be sure to follow us on Twitter and visit for the latest updates. As we approach this milestone, we want to thank everyone in the community for their continued support. We can’t wait to introduce our Game! "

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