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Roccat kova pure mouse review

Roccat is a German manufacturer specializing in PC gaming peripherals, namely mice, mouse pads, keyboards, headphones, and various other accessories.

Roccat Swarm is software that can be downloaded for free from the Roccat website. You can use this software to combine all the settings for each Roccat peripheral (non-Roccat products are not supported) and manage them in one place. By doing so, you can sync the RGB settings of each peripheral device together, use the predefined settings of the mouse, keyboard and headphones to set a custom profile, you can easily switch to it according to the game, and usually open a some degree of customization and features that you won't have.

In this guide, we will cover all the basic information you need to know when installing and running Roccat Swarm on your computer.




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Before we begin to install and configure the Roccat Swarm software, let us take a moment to familiarize ourselves with it and can help you do so. Who can not know the terminology of which hose? Macro

is a series of commands, condensed into one quick and easy shortcut, that can save you time and effort (and eliminate potential input errors) compared to having to re-enter each command each time. In the context of gaming peripherals, macros are particularly useful for RTS, MOBA, and MMO games, where you can pre-program a series of commands (and, more importantly, you can specify the amount of delay between each command) and bind it together. a by clicking a button or pressing a key. This means you can say, set up a one-click autorun button for Day Z without having to double-click the "W" key and hold it for 15 minutes, or set a perfectly timed and supported sequence of spells. mutually for a specific type of encounter in DOTA 2 in. Roccat Swarm allows you to perform all these operations and establish specific macro profiles for each game you play.

You can adjust many settings for the mouse in Roccat Swarm to ensure you have the most perfect personalized experience. Here are the definitions for all the major definitions:

CPI / DPI-Counts Per Inch (CPI) effectively represents the number of pixels that the mouse cursor moves on the screen when the mouse moves one inch. Essentially, this is a measure of sensitivity. Although commonly referred to as DPI (dots per inch), the correct term when talking about mouse sensitivity is CPI.

Click Speed (self-explanatory) controls the shortest time that can elapse between button clicks.

Polling Rate - The rate at which data is sent from the mouse's internal buffer to the PC over the USB connection (in Hz). A higher polling rate can reduce the delay between moving the mouse and copying on the screen, but increasing it does not always bring real practical benefits, and it is only worthwhile if you have a particularly powerful computer this way. , Otherwise the pressure on the PC will be counterproductive.

Repetition rate: This applies to keyboards and mice. Basically, the repetition rate is the pause when you press and hold a key on the keyboard between typing a single letter/number/symbol and repeating a long line of the same symbol. Roccat Swarm can be used to configure the same function on some mice.

Unsurprisingly, this allows you to disable certain keys on the keyboard, which can be useful if they malfunction while waiting to be replaced, or if you are worried about accidentally pressing them during the game (such as the Windows key).

in Roccat Swarm can carry out all standard audio level adjustments, and it has a complete equalizer. In addition, there are more game-centric features, such as the ability to improve the audio quality of the microphone to make it sound better in the game, or completely change the sound through various effects, not to mention a few emphasized additions. The preset sounds of the number, such as footsteps, also bring the edge of gunfire, which is very suitable for use in games such as CS: GO.

Roccat Talk FX is a method of programming the RGB settings of the keyboard and mouse. React to events in the game. For example, you can set up specific lighting arrangements to indicate how much ammunition you have, how much damage your character has received, or whether your base is under attack. Note: This is only compatible with certain games that support this feature.

Alien FX is an RGB system included with Alienware products manufactured by Dell. If you have an Alienware PC, Roccat Swarm allows you to interact with the Alien FX and configure all peripherals accordingly.

Lastly, you can install the Roccat Swarm app on your mobile phone to provide you with the portable monitoring details of the whole PC (GPU usage, SSD / HDD space, etc.), an APM counter and the capacity of Change settings. remote start / game files and programs.

The Roccat Swarm installation is self explanatory. Browse one

In the photo). If you click on the product picture, you will see the available options.

The first step is to ensure that your device is compatible with Roccat Swarm. Obviously, it must be a Roccat product, but other than that, some Roccat products are not compatible with this particular software (for example, Roccat Tyon mouse is not supported). Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no such list available on the Roccat website (which means Roccat is a bit of a glitch), so the only way to check if your particular product is compatible is to use Google and/or download the software directly and try it out (after all , It's free).

If you are still having problems and your peripheral device does not appear in the Roccat app, try each of the following steps to check if the device is working correctly at each stage:

If you have tried all of the above operations and you are sure that the device it should be supported, but it still doesn't work. We recommend that you contact Roccat directly. The

custom configuration files basically allow you to save all device specific settings, macros, RGB settings, etc. in a group, you can easily switch to these groups at any time, or actually to a completely different configuration file. The standard configuration has 4 default profile slots, but other profiles can be added.

Follow the steps below to create your own custom profile: The Profile Manager section at the bottom of the

window allows you to delete existing profiles, configure automatic switching, and assign different games and other programs to automatically use specific profiles.

You may want to transfer an existing Roccat Swarm configuration file from a different machine, the software fully supports this. Just follow the steps below:

To create a macro for any device that supports macros, follow these steps:

Unlike most modern software, Roccat Swarm does not have a built-in function, so you can switch the program to start automatically. However, you can configure it yourself in Windows. Please follow the steps below:

If you want to undo the above process later and prevent Roccat Swarm from opening when you start your computer, please follow these steps:

The easiest way to disable Roccat Swarm Missing to completely remove the program is to close it and confirm the task The icon on the bar also disappeared; otherwise, right-click it and click Close.

If Roccat Swarm does not work or open, there are a few basic things to check, because most of the time they can solve the problem:

If none of the above measures solve the problem, we recommend that you contact Roccat directly.

This is our Roccat Swarm software guide. We hope you answer all your questions about the Roccat Swarm app. If not, feel free to comment below and explain what you want to add to the page. Stick with WePC and get more software guides on all the big game apps. Until next time, I wish you a happy game!

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