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Roccat kone pure ultra

Roccat brings an affordable and versatile gaming mouse. How does it compare to other mice in the price range?

When Roccat introduces a new mouse, he usually considers a specific game style or type. We have Kone Owleye for FPS and Tyon for MBO, but we don't cover all the basics. This is where Kova Pure comes in. Not only did it take all types of games into consideration when designing it, but the designer went a step further and made this service fully applicable to all consumers. Usually, when this happens, brands must sacrifice performance or build quality to maintain affordable prices, but Roccat assures us that this is not the case. Today, we tested the RKP to see if it can compete with other fully dexterous mice in its price range, such as Razer Lancehead TE and Logitech’s G Pro Wired. The

Kova is equipped with a Pixart PMW3320 IR LED sensor with a true 3500 dpi, 1000hz polling rate and 1ms response time. The people at Roccat decided to strategically give Kova 12, what they called, place mouse buttons, which can theoretically be copied using the EasySHIFT + function through the Swarm software. As always, the design is very loud and expressive, but it has reduced practicality for more competitive gamers. Kova is completely dexterous, which may be one of the main reasons why it is superior to competitors in hard spending funds.



Roccat product packaging seems to grow larger with each new product entering the Gaming Verdict office, and Kova Pure is no exception. The case maintains the same main black theme with blue and white accents, which is a typical feature of the new Roccat series. Inside you will find that Roccat Kova Pure (RKP) is housed in 2 layers of thin plastic. To be honest, it has no protective effect. However, the mouse is firmly fixed in the 2nd layer, so I am not too worried about the safety of the mouse. The cable is securely packaged and positioned behind the mouse, and is secured in place along with the welcome note and user manual.

If you are new to the Roccat brand, you might think that RKP is a very well designed product, and you are right. However, Roccat classifies Kova's design as simple and elegant. When you see this mouse, these two words will not immediately come to mind. A more appropriate description is angular and noisy. Height and width can be considered average, with a 3.8 cm hump peak and a 6.6 cm width. The length reaches an impressive 13.1 cm, which is equivalent to some of the longest mice we have in the GV office (Fnatic Clutch, Logitech MX518 Legendary and SteelSeries Rival 600), but it is perfect for palm and claw users. Roccat managed to keep the mouse under 100 grams, which is just 99 grams, which gives the mouse the stability consumers want, but is also flexible enough to dispose of if necessary. RKP's design obviously takes into account a wide range of people, average weight, width and height, so why not go a step further and make it a fully functional right-handed mouse? Well, this is exactly what Roccat decided to do and make the design completely symmetrical without affecting its functionality.

If you're familiar with the gentle slope and subtle curves of the Logitech G203, you'll take a look at the Roccat Kova Pure and think, OMG! What they did ... The design is sharp and edgy, with no subtleties. This is mainly due to the 2 extra front buttons protruding out of the shell, and the layering of the side handles and base seems to be just for aesthetics. If, like me, you like more refined things, then you will definitely hate RKP's design. However, it is clear that there is a large market that appreciates the design of this and other similar-looking mice. If you remove the 2 front buttons at the top and soften the design, it will be very stylish, but Roccat is designed for hardcore gamers, and we all know that they like the added features. The hump tilts slightly to the front, and the 2 exposed front buttons lift up to create this type of shell for your 2 fingers. The shell texture and side handles are made of soft-touch plastic, which feels great, but doesn't provide much grip. I must say that the overall feel of this mouse is uncomfortable for me and my mixed claw grip. The buttons on the right side of the mouse seem to get in the way and I often accidentally click them. I can see how useful this mouse is to people holding static palms, but to me, it just doesn't feel right.

Roccat provides Kova Pure 12 buttons, if you include scrolling up and down. 3 main 2 main buttons, a DPI cycle button and its scroll wheel. Although I am not a big fan of overly complex designs, I have to say that the buttons feel pretty good. To save time, as I mentioned before, RKP is completely symmetrical, so I will only describe one side. For starters, the 2 main mouse buttons feel very solid and tactile. There are some touring performances in the acting, but there is nothing I care about too much. The thumb button seems to be placed awkwardly because my thumb is half on the handle and half on the button when I rest. Usually this is not a problem, but due to

As we call it, exposure to M1 and M2 is a persistent problem, so I had to unlink them long before I could use the mouse in the game. All you have to do is move your ring finger slightly to the right, then throw the grenade from left to right and towards the center. They also create a kind of shell for your fingers, which makes me feel restricted and uncomfortable. The roller has a small stroke and feels very strong, but not very practical. Below you will find that its DPI button feels good enough that you can use swarm and in-game settings to link to in-game commands.

briefly insert the cable, which is made of braided fibers and is 1.8 m long. In fact, it feels very strong and quite thick in terms of weave. The benefits of this are obviously longevity and durability. However, I did experience a lot of friction between the braid and the cushion when wearing the ASUS ROG jacket. I finally paired it with the Razer Bungee, which solved a lot of my problems, but for those who don't want to do this, expect a lot of cable drag points.

We immediately understood the performance of RKP and tested it for many different types, with different results. I initially tested this mouse in CS: GO to see how it can compete with products like the Razer Abyssus and the Logitech G203 at the same price. The most striking thing about Kova Pure is its ergonomic design, which is really embarrassing. I'm not sure at first if this is due to the fact that I have used the Logitech MX518 Legendary for a while, it has an excellent ergonomic design, or simply due to the shape and design of the Kova itself. However, it is clear that sadly this feeling did not dissipate after a few days. My palm sits well on the hump, but my thumb is all over the buttons, my first and ring fingers keep activating the two buttons in front, and my little finger is always uncomfortable. There are some advantages. The sensor is what they call the ProOptic R6 sensor, which has up to 3500 DPI, and finally it is the Pixart PMW3320 IR LED sensor, which can be increased to 7,000 DPI in overspeed mode. It has an adjustable polling rate up to 1000hz, and the sensor can track an acceleration of 20g. For me, the sensor is probably the most prominent feature of the mouse, it has excellent tracking capabilities. There was almost no vibration or smoothing, and I did not notice any acceleration. Once I got rid of those annoying extra finger buttons, I trained well in some FPS and found that my targets were pretty good in both long and short situations. I especially like the feeling that the mouse feels stable when spraying at close range. Sometimes in these scenes the lighter mouse can feel a bit sensitive to movement, but I am relatively satisfied with the performance of RKP here. I also tried playing Battlefield and PubG, and the same can be said for them. However, RKP is designed to be a generalist, with the excellent easySHIFT + function, it can effectively have 22 different function buttons, which are very suitable for MMO and MBO.

Roccat equipped Kova with 2 RGB areas These areas are pretty basic, but the price is what we expected. It does not have any content about Razer Mamba, but it is enough to customize it to your liking. These areas are located on the scroll wheel and on the back of the mouse near the base, and are almost invisible to the user. Everything can be customized through Roccat's Swarm software and you can typically choose up to 16.8 million colors. The take-off distance is about 1CD, which is quite normal these days, and not a major problem when gaming.

Once you have connected to Kova Pure, you will be prompted to download and install Roccat's Swarm peripheral software. But don't worry too much, because the software is pretty good and has a lot of common features and tools. The software will recognize your mouse and update the latest driver if necessary, after which you can freely adjust, link, and customize most areas of the mouse. Set the DPI, polling rate, and response time as you like, and customize the RGB area to get the effect you want. One of the best features of the software must be the LOD tool, which allows you to change the sensitivity of the mouse when it is removed from the mouse pad. This is especially useful for people with low sensitivity who use the mouse to cover a long distance. In addition, Kova is equipped with its own onboard memory, so you can save the configuration files you need for use on the go. Basically, Swarm has a large number of fully customizable functions.

To make a long story short, the Roccat guys once again created a mouse that seems very suitable for Transformers movies. No surprises there. However, their efforts to RKP are to cater to all players, covering all types of games, all types of hands and grip styles, right down to the hands they play. The most prominent feature for me must be the sensor and the smart design without sacrificing functionality. However, it was disappointed with its poorly positioned buttons, which are actually only available for MMOs. All in all, if you are looking for a good gaming mouse that is affordable and suitable for most types of games, then RKP may be your best choice. Or, if you want something exquisite that feels great and specializes in FPS, I would recommend Logitech G Pro or Razer’s Deathadder to you

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