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Roccat kone pure owl eye mouse review

This ultra-light gaming mouse is an update to one of fan favorites, KPOE. This one ton reduction in weight realizes a new high-precision sensor and eye-catching RGB. What else can you want?

ROCCAT is very famous in the peripherals industry recently, but mainly because of its quirky mouse design, with buttons and RGB, as if they are outdated; ROCCAT Kova is a good example of this ideology. This feature seems to continue until they release several smaller mice that are more suitable for FPS games.

The impressive KPOE (Kone Pure OwlEye) is one of the most popular mice to start this new trend. However, we will not see it today, we have already conducted a full review of it. Today we take a look at the latest arrival of the ROCCAT camp, the update of KPOE, ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra.

This is a mouse that provides an ultra-light design, a new RGB and a new sensor to improve accuracy. This is everything that the original pure KONE has, but it has been improved.

So, with this in mind, let's take a look at this mouse's performance in terms of gaming, build quality, design, and cost effectiveness.



Mouse technology

ROCCAT finally abandoned the absurd design of the case and chose something more modern and exquisite for its new mouse series. The new box is quite versatile, providing a picture of the mouse on the front and some details of the specs and functions on the back. Unsurprisingly, the Kone Pure Ultra installs in a thin layer of protective plastic and comes with a quick start manual. They are all standard.

ROCCAT has always provided crazy designs for their mice, which is more suitable for MMO gamers looking for numerous buttons, high-performance sensors, and aesthetics. However, with your new KPU (we called it), this is no longer the case.

Let's get right into the design of this mouse.

In terms of size, this hasn't really changed from the original KPOE. It has almost the same design and is still well supplied for small and medium right-handed users. The hump is almost the same, but it provides a slight width, which makes it easy to grip and ideal for fast-paced FPS shooting games.

However, when it comes to heavyweights, the new KPU is really eye-catching. It is 22 grams lighter than the original weight (a quarter of its total composition) to adapt to the ever-changing market, which seems to favor lightweight mice. This makes it one of the lightest mice currently available, of course without holes in the shell, a trend that is becoming more and more popular (e.g. Glorious Odin).

It will be interesting to see how this weight difference is reflected in the gaming performance of this mouse, especially in FPS games. But that will be later.

Speaking of shape and texture, as mentioned above, Kone Pure Ultra offers exactly the same shape as its predecessor. There are really no changes to report. With that being said, KPOE is one of their most popular mice, so why alter the already complete blueprint?

has a rounded shape, with subtle curves that enhance grip and ergonomics. The hump is prominent, but not crazy, and the mouse button slopes gently to the front for the odd look that's been controversial since its arrival. The left side of the mouse provides a subtle grooved thumb grip, while the right side has no design features in terms of design, just a soft, slightly recessed area, which feels good in the hand.

ROCCAT completes the design of this mouse, with a smooth and subtle matte finish that is both attractive and durable. The coating used covers the entire top and sides of the mouse, so there is no problem grabbing this in a fierce battle. Overall, I was very impressed with the shape and texture.

Next is the button. Now since this is designed for FPS gamers, we don't complain too much about the buttons. Well personally I don't, because I only use four buttons when I play FPS games, but some can.

In any case, ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra provides seven buttons, which are well placed in the game for ease of use. The two main clickers feel great and don't require a lot of force to activate. The scroll wheel is again quite tactile, and in most cases it provides a good feel and good driving sound. It has good stamina and can be used to launch weapons accurately in games, but it cannot be switched like some mice like the Razer Basilisk V2. The two DPI buttons may be the least impressive button, if to be honest it will show quite a fluffy feel. However, they are very large, which means that if you intend to use them for binding, they can be easily knocked over. The side buttons are very similar to the DPI switch, but are a bit sturdier when in use. On the plus side, they provide great stamina, which means quick clicks on the side buttons are certainly an option.

In the end, these buttons are almost the same as on the original KPOE. They still use the Omron switch with 50 million clicks, and they all feel pretty good, albeit with a fluffy side.

When it comes to quality of work, I can't beat this mouse at all. I mean, when I shake the mouse very aggressively, it makes a slight rattle, but it's not too crazy. However, what is even more impressive is how the ROCCAT team managed to design a mouse of this weight without drilling holes.

The hole inside, so the beauty of the outside is not affected. Good skill. For me, this shows the true resourcefulness of the ROCCAT staff and has doubled my confidence in being a buyer. The

enclosure feels very sturdy, even under extreme pressure during testing. There is almost no flex or flex of the case. However, as mentioned above, there will be a slight rattling sound when shaking vigorously.

Regarding the cable, ROCCAT equipped this mouse with a 1.9m rubber cable, which feels very sturdy and flexible. Personally, I like the appearance of the rubber cables on the latest braids, and I definitely think they wear less.

So let's take a look at the good things, the things you came here to read: how this works in a game environment. Well, to make a long story short, ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra performs very well on many different platforms. Looking at the size, weight, and shape, I wasn't sure of the purpose of this mouse, but after playing around with it, these initial ideas were quickly forgotten. This is incredible!

Before we talk about performance, let's take a look at the sensors ROCCAT has decided to use. The

ROCCAT's OwlEye sensor sits in the center of this mouse. It is a variant of the popular 3389 sensor that we have seen in many high-performance mice over the years. Like other mice that use this sensor, ROCCAT KPU feels accurate and responsive. The new sensor can provide a resolution of up to 16,000 dpi, which is not what you need, and it does not offer sophisticated features, such as smoothing or acceleration, as you would expect. The LOD (distance from the ground) is about 2 CDs, but luckily you can change the distance in the ROCCAT software package.

So when we get into the game, how does this feel? Well, from the correct point of view, I have been using the MX518 Legendary for a long time, to say the least it is an amazing mouse. So when I was asked to rate the ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra (a mouse that weighs only half), I was not thrilled. However, after using it for a week or two, I quickly understood why in today's esports, why so many professionals prefer a lighter mouse.

I started playing CS: GO, which is a fast-paced first-person shooter game that requires fast response and accuracy. To be honest, it took me some time to get used to its weight at first, because it is much lighter than the MX518 I used before. Fortunately, the out-of-the-box shape fits my hand perfectly. However, once I get used to the weight, I have to say that I think my game performance has indeed improved compared to using the MX518. I feel more agile, more accurate, and usually easier to aim. The lightweight design allows me to play longer without fatigue or strain on my wrist; by the way, I'm talking about a 56 hour CS: GO course. After several rounds I felt the aiming was a bit slow when using the MX518, the AWP movement was not that fast, and the AK spray gun seemed a bit wild. However, this is not the case when using ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra.

I played several FPS games after CS: GO, all of which produced the same results. Soon after, I tried my hand at some MMO games, but honestly, you can use a laser mouse to play MMO games, don't be disrespectful to the guys! Except for the

sensor, this mouse's case feels very grippy when in use. The new coating technology ROCCAT uses on this mouse will obviously work wonders, even when sweating. The skates at the bottom are quite large, but I think they add something extra to the feel of a mouse. Especially when spraying, minimal adjustments are required.

In general, this mouse has left a deep impression on me. With its frill-free design, Kone Pure Ultra does simple things very well. Its shape provides a good grip, while the sensor provides precision that is synchronized with modern sensors. An excellent FPS gaming mouse.

In order to quickly access the software, ROCCAT provides its SWARM peripheral package for users who want to adjust the mouse settings. Having said that, thanks to the DPI button under the scroll wheel, this mouse works out of the box and works perfectly. However, if you want to reassign certain buttons or change the polling rate, you need to use this software.

RGB can also be changed, but since the Kone Pure Ultra has only one RGB lighting zone, the options you can choose from are very limited. Overall, the software is very basic, but it provides users with everything they need to customize their mouse to their liking. Chapter

This is where we break down the mouse based on price and performance, and finally explain whether we think it is worth the money.

For me, this is an easy question to answer, and this mouse is absolutely great. Over the years, I have been fortunate to use many mice classified as "light". However, they are always insufficient in one way or another. Designing a nice looking mouse with good performance seems like a daunting task. ROCCAT seems to have found a very good middle ground between the two.

In terms of value, I have to say that to be honest this mouse is very profitable. Its current retail price is under $ 60, and when you compare it to other alternatives, I really think it offers something that other products don't.

So if you are looking for a high performance gaming mouse

Update the fan favorite, KPOE. This reduces the weight by a ton and achieves a new high-precision sensor and superb RGB. What else can you want?

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