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The infamous Kone EMP's little brother appeared in front of us in the form of Roccat's Kone Pure Owleye. Let's see if the reduction in weight and size will affect the impact once packed.

Roccat Kone Pure is the undressed brother of the popular Kone EMP. Roccat says this product is designed for gamers who want an EMP design but a slimmer package. Roccat simplifies the design a bit, but doesn't skimp on build quality or technology, providing KPOE with a delicious new sensor to cater to the most competitive gamers. The new Owleye sensor is an improved 3360 (3361 optical sensor), which is widely known as an excellent optical sensor with 12,000 DPI capabilities. The design is simple and eye-catching, it is made of high-quality semi-polished plastic, with a beautiful appearance and a stronger grip. As you would expect from most modern gaming mice, KPOE has a polling rate of 1000 Hz and a response time of 1 ms. The Omron switch used by Roccat has an expected life of 50 million clicks.

Kone Pure Owleye is one of the mice you will like or hate, especially the design will be the decisive factor in whether this mouse is suitable for you. The excellent build quality and matching internal brain make KPOE an excellent complement to the peripheral gaming field. Let's sit down and see if it is really much better than its predecessor.



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I really like Roccat's product packaging, it always screams games. The case is lush, with dark blue and black narratives dotted with traces of white and neon lights. Inside the box, you will find Roccat KPOE, which is located in 2 layers of protective plastic. The cables are neatly coiled on the back, fixed with plastic ties, and fixed in place by the user manual and welcome instructions. One thing I will notice is that although the packaging looks great, opening it can be a bit of a nightmare.

Roccat said that KPOE is designed for gamers who want the favorite design of Kone EMP fans but with an exquisite and streamlined shell. KPOE weighs 88 grams and is 91% of its size. It seems to have succeeded. With the increasing popularity of lightweight gaming mice, another warrior has joined them in the form of KPOE, but you can’t disagree with the practices of these brands. If you have never used a lightweight mouse before, you might think that the transfer will be a nightmare, and this is most likely the case. But once you get used to the new weight, the benefits will far outweigh the bad goals of a few weeks. The lightweight design is not only ideal for long-term combat, it helps to improve accuracy and sniper, but also helps stability when spraying at close range and personally. Not to mention that heavier mice put less pressure on your arms. It is now not the lightest tool in the shed, even though it weighs 80 grams like the Razer Abyssus and the Logitech G Pro weighs 83 grams. The weight distribution of the

mouse is also worth mentioning. It looks perfectly centered, and it feels like a designer made specifically to create a better feel. KPOE is big enough to fit all hand shapes, but to optimize grip, if your hand size is 1719cm x 810cm, I suggest you use this mouse.

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KPOE is equipped with 7 well-organized mouse buttons, including 2 main buttons, 2 thumb buttons, 2 dpi buttons, and a scroll wheel, all of which can be customized through the Roccat Swarm software. I really like the feel of the Roccat buttons and switches. They are the blue Omron D2FCFK (50M) RT (50 million clicks life), which is harder than most other Omron switches and requires more force to start. The shape of this mouse is slanted from right to left, similar to the shape of the Razer Basilisk, but without the concave main mouse button. This has no effect on the grip, as Roccat competes with it with its unique Progrip surface. The main mouse buttons are the same as the mouse shell, with strong resistance and clicking sound. Both DPI buttons are located directly below the scroll wheel and are well positioned to improve usability. The 2 thumb buttons are separated by 3 mm, which is enough to let you know which one is active, but not enough to make it look stupid. Finally, the scroll wheel has completed the semi-responsive scrolling step, which is very suitable for single movement and fast scrolling. Overall, I am very pleased with the way Roccat designs the buttons and how they work in competitive games.

This layout is a very interesting area of KPOE, because in the end it will determine whether consumers like this mouse or completely oppose it. KONE EMP divided the market due to its controversial design, and KPOE has always adhered to this preliminary model. Small and compact, the KPOE design is not suitable for everyone, but with the growing popularity of small mice, it will definitely be favored by many people. In contrast, KPOE is very similar in size and size to products like the Razer Abyssus, Logitech's G Pro, and Corsair Saber. You can even say that it is a combination of 3. Its highest point is 3.9 cm, and the back has a very soft arch, which is very ergonomic. It is less than 12 cm in length and 5.8 cm in width, which means it meets the 2/1 ratio, which is considered the blueprint for most high-end gaming mice today. Rock Cat

I didn't really notice any difference in the sweat level. The Roccat designed mouse has an indented thumb panel on the left side, which not only makes KPOE a model for the right hand, but also helps create a feeling of full control when using the mouse. The

cable, like most new mice, is made from a strong braid that is 1.8m long and is completed using a standard USB connection. The braid feels great, but if you're not bungee jumping, it will be a bit sturdy due to its rather stiff nature. We noticed that when it is hung over the table it maintains a right angle shape, but the resistance is great, which becomes a problem. However, like all the mice we tested, bungee jumping was used and life was restored. If you want to take competitive gaming to a new level, I really cannot emphasize the importance of bungee jumping mouse. This may sound ordinary, but it is not. Having said that, the quality of the braid is unquestionable, it feels strong and strong. There is no wireless counterpart for this mouse, but if you are looking for a mouse of similar size, weight, and price, I suggest you check out Logitech G305.

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Let's start with the sensor. Roccat used the improved 3360 and created the 3361 optical sensor, or the more widely known Owleye optical sensor. The creators actually came out and said that they were inspired by the owl because it has "the incredible ability to quickly analyze the surrounding environment with lethal efficiency"-very tacky, but I understand what they mean. The sensor itself is very good, with 250 IPS tracking speed and 50g acceleration, it can perfectly track pixels/pixels. The confidence you gain from knowing that your sensors are at a higher level will indeed continue to your marksmanship, and I find that sniping and long-term combat become easier. However, this is due to the excellent design and shape of the mouse. As I mentioned earlier, the mouse fits very well in my hand and gives me a feeling of total control. I noticed that the jet (in CSGO) has become more refined and controllable. The position of the 7 programmable buttons is perfect, especially suitable for my hand, it is very efficient and practical to use. They have an excellent tactile feel, and unlike some mice on the shelves today, you really know when to press them. However, the scroll wheel is a bit more difficult than I want. Fortunately I only play FPS now and rarely need to use it for linking. KPOE has a lift distance of about 1CD, which is good and suitable for my style of play. I use low sensitivity and DPI, so long-term aggressive glide and lift are common, which means that low sensitivity LOD is perfect . It is worth mentioning that the 2 mouse legs located on the front and back of the base provide excellent smoothness. However, if they do not meet your standards, you can always buy aftermarket sliders through various retailers. In addition, KPOE is equipped with 512 kb of onboard memory, which can be used to save configuration files and macros for use on the go. The big advantage of the

mouse is that it can be used with or without Roccat's Swarm software. However, using the software allows consumers to completely customize the mouse, from saving configuration files and links to easy customization. Like other software brands, one of the best features that Swarm must provide is the LOD optimization tool, which allows you to set the desired response speed. Although this tool is not unique to Swarm, it does feel more refined. Another great advantage of the Swarm software is the Roccat Easyshift tool, which allows you to configure a button. When the button is pressed, the entire configuration file of the mouse will be changed. This means that you can run a total of 17 buttons in a configuration file. In other words, the software works well and we have not encountered any errors or crashes so far, which is always refreshing. However, if you do not like the software, you will be happy to know that 512kb of onboard memory will save your configuration files, which means you no longer need to run the software in the background. All drivers can be downloaded through the app, but in essence KPOE works like a plug-and-play mouse.

At first glance, Roccat Kone Pure Owleye can be explained as a cheap replica of the once popular gaming mouse. However, after understanding what KPOE must provide, you will quickly realize that these people are really committed to creating a complete product. Manufacturing quality is obviously one of their top agendas, and every part of the mouse feels that its design takes quality and service life into consideration. The hardware that Roccat decided to use clearly shows his intentions and is equipped with one of the best optical sensors, which means that this mouse is suitable for both game fans and competitive players. In the end, for me, Roccat did a great job on Kone Pure. Its ergonomic design will eventually divide the market, but you can't deny that these people have equipped this mouse with everything you need. Your game.

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