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Roblox draws in 150m players each month developer earnings to top 250m in 2020

Roblox is deliberately designed to be less demanding on your system in order to make room for as many people as possible. That said, since the platform was released in 2006, the publisher has not updated the minimum system requirements for the game (no recommended system requirements are given), although the game has been graphically improved during this period.

Therefore, at the bottom of this page, you will see the official minimum system requirements and the recommended version of the system requirements. We believe that it is now more accurate to play games.

If you want to check if your current PC can run the game but you're not sure how to run it, check out our guide on how to find your PC's specifications to see if you need to update. If so, at the bottom of this page, we have listed some suitable PC versions to play with. After setting up an account,

Roblox can be downloaded for free from the Roblox website, but if you wish, you can purchase various upgrade packages at discounted prices from Eneba, suitable for PC and Xbox versions.

Roblox is a relatively unique multi-type gaming platform where users can create their own games or play games created by other users. The platform is very popular with teenagers and it also incorporates elements from online social platforms and even hosts virtual live concerts.

As mentioned above, we have listed below the minimum system requirements that have been out of date since 2006, as well as the recommended system requirements that we think are more realistic to play now.

To run Roblox at the lowest 1080p settings, one of our self-built PCs on a budget of $ 500 should be able to get the job done right. If you want to improve it a bit, a $800 self-built device should solve the problem.

Although building your own PC is usually more cost-effective, it is not for everyone, so if you want to run Roblox at the lowest setting of 1080p, one of our pre-built PCs for less than $500 can solve the problem. However, once again, if you want to add a few more settings, a $800 build will be the best.

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