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The multiplayer roguelike game, Risk of Rain 2, has finally launched an early access version on Steam. The full version of the game is scheduled to be released on August 11, so there is not much to do.

Risk of Rain is a classic cooperative roguelike game that brings exciting new dimensions to fans of the original. Every race is different, with random scenes, bosses and enemies to be destroyed. As you explore the world, discover new loot, and fight hordes of monsters, you can play alone or with up to four friends.

Risk of Rain 2 was originally released in the Early Access version of Steam in March 2019. The goal of this beta version is to build a community, create meaningful content, and get community feedback.

In a blog post announcing the release date, the Hopoo Games team said:

"Early Access feels like a crazy journey through an unknown space. We are very grateful for your support for us over the past year and a half. Together we manage the Early Access very much. Interesting, we will always thank the community for their patience and enthusiasm. We will get more information about the 1.0 console version in the future, but it should follow a very similar rhythm to the previous console version. "

So far, The comments on Steam are "overwhelmingly positive", which is always nice to see. Be the first to experience the game.

was originally planned to release the full version this spring, but the developer delayed the release for a few months. This is after the community marked "quite a few areas that we can improve."

Now Hopoo is satisfied with the latest update and it looks like version 1.0 will be released soon. This update brings additional content to celebrate its release date. If you have tried this game, you will find new scenes, the final stage of the new boss and you will meet a new survivor named The Captain. There will also be a variety of new items to collect, such as the Molten Piercer and the Super Giant Leech. Captain

is the 10th playable character selected in a community vote of 60,000 members. The captain has high authority and is equipped with a shotgun that can stun the target when he rushes to the battlefield. He can also use probes and beacons to provide armor and healing areas for other players.

Risk of Rain 2 also introduces a new phase: The Moon. On the moon, you will fight the moon monsters, where you will also find the real final boss of the game. Version 1.0 of

Risk of Rain 2 will be available on Steam at a price higher than Early Access, jumping to $24.99. However, you can still buy it at an early access price of $19.99.

Do you have a chance to try "Adventure in the Rain 2" in the early access version? Or have you been waiting for the full version? Please tell us your thoughts below.

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