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Review xvi essential pc

Today, we have an interesting task to review a delicious PC game pre-made for overclockers in the mid-to-high-end price range. The overclocker kindly sent us the Radiance Bullet so that we can conduct a thorough test and find out the level of performance that this PC must provide. The

Radiance Bullet is designed for target gamers and is equipped with the popular AMD 2700x, which is known for its high cost performance. Together with the Ryzen processor is ASUS's excellent ROG STRIX 2070 GPU, which provides outstanding aesthetics and outstanding performance. Overclockers took full advantage of the full potential of the 2700x and built a fast 500GB M.2 hard drive with 3200Mhz of RAM and from WD to boot. The

case is a bit disappointing because it gets very hot when playing games, but everything else in this version sings in the same tone and looks great, especially in full RGB mode.

Before introducing this PC and performance in detail, let's take a look at the full specs list, so you can know exactly what to expect from this version.

Let's take a look at the specs for Radiance Bullet. Below is a diagram containing all the major hardware components of this interesting minor version.

Before we learn more about the performance of this gaming PC, let's quickly go over some of the more obvious pros and cons.



Now obviously this machine is specially designed for game lovers, and the specifications clearly prove this. However, each version has a different overall performance level, and we want to see the exact location of this version.

In the next section, we will see how Radiance Bullet works in several different games, how it handles multitasking, how it compiles when editing multimedia content, and how it feels from the perspective of a home multimedia system.

So, let's get started.

The core of this version is Gigabyte AMD Ryzen 2700x and RTX 2070 GPU, so it works out of the box, you know this is serious. The 2070 card is based on Nvidia's new real-time ray tracing, which is a new way to render highlights and shadows to produce more realistic images for those who are not in the RTX loop. What we all agree on is a welcome addition to any graphics processing unit. The

2700x is widely regarded as the best pound CPU on the market. It is the engine that powers this build and is worth every penny. It provides excellent multitasking performance and is perfect for anyone who wants to stream and play games at the same time.

As we all know, the CPU is not the most important aspect of today's game construction. Due to comprehensive technological advancements and new methods of developing games and software, GPUs are now the first to bear the brunt of performance in the gaming sector. This means that from a gaming point of view, Radiance can smash all your AAA games out of the park, and most of them are super games! We have recorded excellent FPS in several different games, and the card keeps FPS above 60 even in the most epic combat situations. We will learn about these numbers in detail when we enter our benchmarking section, but for now, check out Radiance Bullet. From a gameplay point of view, it works very well.

Although this build is not specifically for content publishers, we will discuss its performance under high stress conditions (multitasking and multimedia content) anyway. After all, a high-end build with compelling RGB is not only for gamers; it is for all consumers.

Now, we mean multitasking; run multiple different windows at the same time, set streaming media type anytime, anywhere, multitask editing, and everything in between. Chapter

So How Is The Glossy Bullet Weighed? Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the ability of this build to handle powerful multi-tasking and multimedia editing tasks. Since the 2700x is an octa-core processor with a multi-threaded model, it makes multitasking seem like a walk in the park.

Now, we haven't touched on the clock speed of this thing, but it has very overclockable characteristics, which means that even the smallest adjustment will double the level of performance. Also, overclockers have expertly implemented 3200Mhz RAM in this version, greatly improving the 2700x performance. The GPU

is self explanatory again and can handle just about anything your video editing software has to release.

Overall, the multitasking performance results we saw blew me away, and if this is what you're looking for, I highly recommend AMD CPUs and fast RAM. Although this version has some of the latest hardware products currently on the market, and can clearly handle whatever media files you throw at it, we still have to look at its performance anyway, because why not?

Everyone likes to watch TV and movies, not to mention 4k is very popular on many platforms. Radiance Bullet and its super powerful 2070 can support 4k video playback and can even support the highest level of virtual reality. We stream many different shows in 4k on Netflix and played smoothly as you would expect.

We have discussed how this build works in several different scenarios and what level it reaches. Now we will introduce the best features of Radiance Bullet and the features they bring you at the consumer level:

including real-time ray tracing

The fact of this version and the fact that you already have RTX technical support is that you not only bought today's PC, you also bought future ones.

However, what has taken off is the buzz of the entire virtual reality game. Radiance Bullet is equipped with powerful 2700x and RTX 2070, which will make VR games look like walking in the park.

Obviously, you will have to buy some kind of VR gaming headset for VR gaming to be possible. With that said, if you plan on using VR, it's always good to know that your PC is ready.

In this version (and any version related to it), one of my favorite features is that it can be overclocked to a higher level. Buying a PC in modern times is a complicated process, because you know that sooner or later your hardware will become obsolete.

With Radiance Bullet equipped with AMD's popular 2700x, you know it is possible to take this to a new level. One of the only shortcomings of this version, the cooling, may require some adjustments to overclock to a high level.

In most cases, when you see a build with beautiful new hardware and a great old graphics card, you want it to be hosted in these huge cases that we see today. However, overclockers decided to take a very different approach. The

Cooler Master Q300L Micro ATX case is one of the smallest quality cases we have seen. On the one hand, it provides powerful functions in an ultra-small chassis that fits anywhere in your gaming space. However, on the other hand, a small space with poor ventilation also contains a lot of heat. We will solve the heat dissipation problem soon, but in terms of size, it is still impressive to see such powerful power in such a small case.

To be fair, Radiant Bullet doesn't need a lot of improvements. That being said, if you want to use this PC every day, you have to solve the cooling problem.

On the first day of using this version, I learned that the Radiance Bullet had some internal temperature issues. As soon as you open the box, you can see that some things are not very exclusive.

In this case, the main problem affecting the temperature of this build is the fan or the lack of fan (pun intended). It only has a 120 mm fan on the back of the fuselage. When you consider the hardware components, you will quickly realize that a fan is not enough. There are two obvious hot spots in the build that will ultimately affect the overall performance of the PC.

However, it is worth noting that we did some GPU temperature checks. What surprised us was that the GPU never exceeded 61 degrees, which is actually quite impressive for a small case.

My advice to anyone who wants to buy this version is to install additional fans on the top and front of the case as soon as possible. This will make the world different.

So, we come to the conclusion, what do we think of Overclockers Radiance Bullet Gaming PC?

Well, for a more general result, we allow all WePC teams some time to deal with this build, which is generally a positive idea.

Everyone loves the game performance of Radiance Bullet, and there is no problem playing several different AAA games. I can add all the content about Chao. We also tested some virtual reality actions and the results are very good.

Pro Tip: Make sure you have some supervision when using these things, otherwise accidents will happen.

Almost all teams have noticed the heat generated by construction, which is a shame, but at the same time easy to fix. A lot of people have commented on the aesthetics and how they really like the textured design of the magnetic grid, not to mention the fantastic RGB interior.

Basically, it is very popular in the office. The only improvement we can think of is cooling. Installing a few extra fans will make a big difference, on top of that this is a great little game console that will serve you well for years to come.

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