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The overclockers kindly sent us another popular pre-made game option. Today, the team is testing and reviewing the XVI Essential Gaming PC. It is one of the cheapest options available, but don't be fooled by the price. It still has enough performance to beat all AAA games at medium to high level, while still getting a steady and steady 60+ fps.

XVI Essential is another PC designed specifically for enthusiastic gamers. At the core of the build, you will find AMD’s second-generation Ryzen 2600x paired with Gigabyte’s popular GTX 1660. Matching has excellent performance in games, video editing and general multitasking. The memory is 8 Gb of Vulcan Tforce 2400Mhz RAM. It is not the most optimized RAM for Ryzen, but it works very well. It is equipped with a hybrid storage solution consisting of a 1TB Seagate hard drive and a 240GB Kingston SSD. The perfect partner for extremely fast loading times and large backup library drives.

As with any budget product, at some point it is necessary to make compromises for XVI Essential in the form of a box. In any case, it is not the most attractive thing in the world; besides, the air flow is not very large. If you plan to overclock Ryzen, it's not ideal.

Overall, I like this pre-made version, but before we get into more details, let's take a closer look at what's inside.

We have summarized a small table below that accurately shows the features provided by XVI Essential:

Before we dive into how this PC handles specific scenarios and more in-depth gaming performance, let's take a look at some of the main advantages and disadvantages. We will experience it when using XVI Essential.



So now you have a better understanding of what to expect from this version, let's get a deeper understanding of how it works in the real world. Now, we could only talk about its performance in the game, but we think that XVI Essential performs so well in several different scenarios. Why not divide the performance into three categories?

We chose these three categories because they believe this is the most common reason people buy pre-installed computers.

As far as budget gaming PCs are concerned, this should be respected for its immense value, especially considering the £700 starting price. When we got this pre-build, the first thing that caught my attention was the second-generation Ryzen 2600x processor. From AMD. For those of you who don't know, X stands for non-blocking overclocking, and the Ryzen series has plenty of room for overclocking and can provide additional performance improvements. The basic clock made up of the 2600x 8-core / 16-thread multiprocessing is 3.6 Ghz. AMD has always done well in multitasking and the 2600x is no exception. However, considering that most modern games now have higher graphics requirements and no longer require a CPU, the focus quickly shifts to the GPU. The

GPU takes the form of a 6GB Gigabyte GTX 1660 graphics card, which is one of the latest graphics cards in Nvidia's top drawer. The 6GB of VRAM is GDDR5, which means that we lose a bit of memory bandwidth. However, the card has more CUDA cores and better clock speeds than its predecessor. But what does all this mean in the real world? Well, to make a long story short, you can get 60FPS in almost all AAA games when you hit medium to high settings. However, games like Counter-Strike and GTA V will run long before 100FPS. Overall, in terms of price, the 6GB 2600x and GTX 1660 GPUs will be beaten.

Anyway, move on to storage As we mentioned earlier, XVI Essential comes with a well-known hybrid storage solution. This means that your computer has both HDD and SSD. The benefits of having this setup means you can install core O / s and games on the SSD for super fast load times and have an additional hard drive for backup storage. In this case, XVI has Seagate 1TB backup storage, which is known to be very reliable. Kingston provides the SSD portion of the drive and has a capacity of 240GB, enough to store some of your favorite games and operating systems.

Let's quickly tap into RAM. XVI Essential from Overclockers installed 8GB of 2400Mhz Vulcan Tforce memory. Now for those of you unfamiliar with the importance of the Ryzen memory and CPU relationship, keep in mind that this is an important relationship. One of the main features of the Ryzen chip is its multi-threaded feature. In other words, to run virtual kernels efficiently, their compilation will require higher speed RAM. This is mainly because the CPU splits the RAM into all 16 cores. In the long run, higher speed RAM means more memory bandwidth. Ideally, you want to use 3200Mhz RAM with Ryzen chips, just to get the best performance results. However, considering that this is a budget build, I think Vulcan Tforce memory performs well. The cooling performance of the

chassis is quite good, especially when considering the poor airflow. If you push this version to the limit, you can equip the case with additional fans, and we might recommend these fans.

In general, from a gaming point of view, I think XVI Essential handles all the suggestions I made to it, and I will certainly consider using it as a daily game build.

Continuing the multitasking and multimedia editing performance of this version, XVI does a pretty good job. We can thank the Ryzen chip again. Unlike games where most of the pressure is put on the GPU, multitasking requires very high CPU requirements. 2,600 times more powerful

Open multiple windows at the same time, or play and stream at the same time, multitasking has a real impact on your computer's performance.

We tested XVI Essential performing multiple stressful software tasks at the same time. To our surprise, XVI is very quick to load and run jobs in selected software. This is good news for buyers looking to upgrade. RAM is currently very cheap, so upgrading from 8GB to 16GB won't be too expensive and will give you a steady performance boost.

From a media editor's point of view, we got similar results. The GPU handles just about everything we can throw at it, and the CPU makes it all go smoothly.

Judging from what we wrote above, you may already know that if you are looking for a home media system, XVI would be a serious over-correction.

However, the build is small, which means that it is quite hidden compared to other PC cases. GTX 1660 supports 4k playback, not games, and supports VR respectively. However, if media playback is your sole purpose, we will not recommend this version.

XVI has quite a few functions and advantages, and you don't always get these features and advantages through cheap construction. Let's take a look at the features we can expect and how they affect you as a buyer.

Presumably everyone has heard of virtual reality, which is the cry of the 21st century. But for those who don't, VR is short for virtual reality. Virtual reality has been brewing for decades, and has recently made great progress due to new and modern technologies.

However, the only problem with virtual reality at this stage is that it requires considerable computing power to run it effectively. In other words, XVI can handle virtual reality games and media playback at a moderate level according to the graphics output and requirements of the game. The fact is that you can experience the features provided by VR through this build, but you don’t expect the highest level of performance.

As most of you know, Ryzen CPUs are very open to overclocking, especially the X series. The X-series, as we call it, means non-blocking overclocking and X-brand CPUs have the most leeway and can provide additional core speeds.

Generally, in the case of budget construction, you will not get any additional performance due to insufficient components. However, this is not the case here. The 2600x responds very quickly to overclocking, and under the right conditions the boost speed can easily exceed 4.2Ghz.

An interesting feature of this version is the size of the case. Don't get me wrong now, it is not ultra-small (extra-ultraminiitx or whatever you want to call it) but it is very small. If you are looking for a game build that will not overload your gaming area, look outdated and low-key, then you really can't go wrong in this case.

is not only small in size, but also provides an observation window and RGB fan. It's not very impressive in expensive builds, but it's a nice feature for this cheaper gaming PC.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to low-end versions, and XVI Essential is no exception. Okay, it's a bit different, let me explain...

Since XVI is equipped with a good CPU and GPU, 2600x / GTX 1660, you don't necessarily need to update them soon. Note: If you are considering upgrading these parts, this version may not be suitable.

However, this does not mean that other construction areas will not benefit from adjustments and improvements in certain areas.

First, RAM may be more obvious when it needs to be upgraded. As I said before, although 8GB of Vulcan Tforce RAM does a good job, it is not the best match for Ryzen chips. Fortunately, RAM upgrades can be relatively cheap, so don't worry too much.

Second, the case. Now, I can praise this case in some previous scenarios, but this does not mean that it cannot be updated to improve usability and performance. A better case will open up the build to increase airflow and possibly improve aesthetics. For this reason, I will update it as much as possible.

You can upgrade more build parts such as the motherboard, but I think if this is the plan you better start with a better base model. The motherboard in this version does its job, so we'll keep it as is.

We finally made a judgment on the XVI Essential gaming PC.

This is the second PC Overclockers sent to us so far, which is definitely smaller. That said, XVI Essential certainly has a place in the manufactured home market. It provides a cheaper option for users who want to experience the game at a high level.

This version effectively handles all the performance scenarios we have shown you and meets your expectations. Speaking of value for money, I think it shows good value. However, with the launch of the new Ruilong chip, I am not sure how long this valuation can last.

In the end, my feelings about this version are positive, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to enter the game.

Let us know your thoughts on this version in the comments section below!

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