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Retail listing leak hints at amd ryzen 9 3950x release on september 30th

The original Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon was a bonus game created for the Bloodstained kickstarter, which is a bonus level to encourage fans to slightly increase their engagement. Compared to the Bloodstained main course, 8 side dishes. But it turned out to be a great little retro platformer, obviously inspired by early Castlevania games, with some clever twists and turns in the formula, and crafty level design. Now it's back, because seasoned 2D platformer developer IntiCreates is back with the second entry in the Moon Curse subseries. This time it exists on its own, rather than as a warm-up for another bigger game, they are about to release Curse of the Moon 2, and any potential sequels to Bloodstained remain a mystery. Trailer

got off to a strong start, and the ESRB ad simply said "Blood of Violence," which I thought was appropriate. Then we got a word from Bloodstained series supervisor Koji Igarashi. He explained that because the fans reacted very positively to the first game, they decided to do a follow-up game. Again, it looks like a game that could have been saved at home on the original Nintendo Entertainment System and could have been released sometime in the 1980s. What's particularly surprising about the sequel is the huge, screen-filled boss we saw in the trailer, which includes something that looks like a kind of ghost train of insects. Count on me.

This sequel has a new lineup of playable characters, all with unique actions. There are breakdowns for different characters on the game's official page, as well as a lot of other information. I'm pretty sure I'll be participating in #TeamHachi.

doesn't have a release date yet, but they say it's "coming soon" and based on trailer images, it appears to be in pretty complete condition. We will pay close attention to the release date announcement and notify you when we hear more information.

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