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Resident evil games in order

Since the success of the evil of the resident in 2017, bad residents indicate that the rejuvenation of the series will continue to be successful. Through the use of VR, you want to bring the series to a new set of fanatics. The sequel wants to continue this trend.

We have announced the official announcement of Capcom that this title is still underworks, but the success of the residents event and the success of this success and the evil of residents are easy to make, easy for forage Unian does not. .

Spin-off title The news that resistance to the project is in the middle, we expect the official announcement of the evil of the resident next year. If this title is not announced by Tokyo Game Show 2020, you will expect to fall to 2021 if this title is not presented by the Tokyo 2020 Game Show.

Unfortunately, we are protecting the evil of residents. It has been confirmed that many unofficial titles were under development during 2019 financial training of Capcom. We want one of these.

Know that Capcom is testing unconfirmed titles. The Division of Capcoms 1 sent an email to "Evil Evil Evil", which invites them to test the games currently under development. We hope that this title is the evil of the expected residents, but we can be convinced, it can be only a resistive proof of projects.

Reside Evil 7's Executive Producer Jub Takeuchi Comments Make sure you have confirmed the job in the next game, the sequel will further expand the address of the resident series 7.

We could not get too much from now, we still have a new jump to Push gender or gender to push the genre a new jump if you have not seen yet. I hope to have a little more information soon. Meanwhile, we will promote the resistors of projects at least before. We continue to update us with the news that you are always listening.

Is it excited to pay the last delivery of the evil of residents? Do you want the same game as the number 7? Or this title takes a story in a different direction? Please, let us know in the comment section below, we love to listen to your thoughts.

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