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Resident evil 3 remake system requirements

When it comes to the "Resident Evil" series, we finally start to see more loopholes. After the recent success of the remake, many of us are happy to see what happens when Resident Evil 8 is finally released.

As with all leaks, add a little salt because we can't verify its accuracy. However, if you are looking for some good news to start the new week, we may see that "Resident Evil 8" will be released in 2021.

Twitter users AestheticGamer1 revealed the interesting beginning of "Resident Evil 8". Originally planned as part of the Revelations series, Resident Evil Revelations 3 was so impressed by Capcom that they decided to promote it as part of the main series as part of "Resident Evil 8."

AestheticGamer also stated that many of the previous leaks were due to changes made by Capcom to make the game part of the main series, thus it has been found to be out of date.

Compared to the expectations of fans of the "Resident Evil" series, this title also seems to undergo many changes of direction; this may be one of the reasons why it was originally an apocalyptic project. The leak tells us that this game will be a first-person game, with themes of mysticism, hallucinations and madness, becoming an important part of the game.

Finally, the most promising part of the leak is that Resident Evil 8 will obviously be released in 2021. As for the current situation, we originally thought Capcom would release an official announcement during E3, but with its cancellation, we are not sure when it will release.

If these leaks are true, some fans of the franchise may be a bit disappointed, especially due to the inclusion of the first person mode, which is not very popular in Resident Evil 7. However, if the theme of the game is hallucinations And the wacky results are true, this may eventually turn out to be one of the scariest installments of Resident Evil!

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