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Finally, "Resident Evil 8" was announced at the PS5 Future of Gaming show!

This is a game we have been waiting to hear. Many of us have gone through all the rumors and came up with theories. But we finally have some specific information.

Capcom officially announced that "Resident Evil Village" will be launched in 2021, suitable for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. You can take a look at the trailer below:

As expected, the new Resident Evil game will use the same first-person perspective as in Resident Evil 7.

As far as the plot is concerned, this game will take place a few years later. Judging from the last game. In Resident Evil 7, we see protagonist Ethan Winters heading to Louisiana to find his missing wife Mia. Karen Hani of

Capcom said on the PlayStation Blog: "Mia and Ethan reunited were seen living happily together in Resident Evil Village, and they left behind the nightmare of their common Baker Plantation.

" We were finally able to overcome those terrible events, when Chris appeared. Redfield (Chris Redfield), Ethan's world suddenly collapsed again, an unexpected but familiar face appeared, triggering a series of events, and seeing annoying Chaotic Ethan asked Chris for the shocking move ... Finally, they found him in a mysterious town. "Compared to the narrow corridors we explored in" Resident Evil 7 ",

Resident Evil Village will pay more attention to exploration and combat. Ethan will be forced to find answers in" a strange snowy village "and explore the ruined buildings.

Hani continued to emphasize the importance of the village itself. "The town itself is as important as any other character. A place with a life of its own. When you discover its secrets, it often makes you nervous."

In this trailer, we see surreal graphics, a lot of creepy symbolism, and a glimpse of some of the main monsters we're going to face. It seems that there are still a few puzzles to be solved, and these puzzles seem to be related to the umbrella symbol.

There are several familiar faces returning, fans have already wildly speculated. A character looks like a witch with the power of Margaret in Resident Evil 7. Another short clip shows us a character that looks like the executioner Majini in Resident Evil 5.

So we also have a pretty creepy spectacle character, fans are guessing. Some people think that he is the doctor in "Resident Evil 4", but some people think that he may be Daniel Fabron in the recent multiplayer game "Resident Evil Resistance".

Unfortunately, we seem to have to wait at least a whole year before we know more. However, for now, we are very happy that this game has finally received an official announcement and a wonderful trailer for dismantling in the meantime.

For you, what is your theory of Resident Evil Village? What characters do you think will return? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Resident Evil announcement in the comments below!

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