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Report a discord server

Discord has quickly become one of the largest (if not the largest) VOIP services the internet has to provide. After IRC became redundant and gamers around the world needed to find games somewhere, chat with friends, and communicate while playing competitive games, it became popular.

has so many followers that Discord has implemented a convenient "report" feature that allows users to report other users to Discord moderators and server administrators. Although this can be a simple behavior for some people, it can also be a complicated process for some users who do not know much about technology.

Therefore, in today's article, we will introduce the easiest and fastest way to inform users about Discord. Chapter

Sneak In!

As with any process on Discord, certain steps are required to successfully inform a server or user on Discord. However, before we take a closer look at the method, let's take a quick look at some guidelines that Discord has set for its users.

Whether the user is harassing, spamming, threatening, or simply abusing, the following guidelines will ensure that your report is reasonable.


If you report someone who does not violate the following guidelines, then the official Discord administrator will most likely not take any action. Below is the Discord Community Guide, outlining all the things you can't say / can't do when using a Discord server:

This list is on the go, but in most cases it pretty much covers the you can do on Discord and most of the base of what you can't do.

If the person you report does not fall into one of these categories, you may not take any action and you should not report directly to Discord.

Instead, talk to the Discord server administrator/moderator who has the authority to ban/suspend users from using that particular channel.


Unfortunately, Discord's reporting process is not as simple as some people think. You can't just click on the username and select Discord report, it will make things more difficult.

First, you need to find a few ID codes that Discord’s research team can use to view the violation messages. In order for you to find these codes, you have to go through a few simple steps.

first select the settings gear at the bottom of the Discord channel and find the "Appearance" tab.

On the "Appearance" tab, scroll down until you see the switch labeled "Developer Mode" and turn it on.

After enabling this feature, you will be able to collect the IDs required by the Discord research team.


Therefore, after developer mode is enabled, please follow the next three steps to ensure that the correct ID is captured.

Start with the ID of the copyist. Just right-click the username and click the Copy ID button. After copying, I recommend pasting the ID into Notepad and marking it as "User ID".

After copying the user ID, the next step is to find the ID of the violation message. Follow the same steps as above, right-click the message and select Copy ID.

After this, the last ID you need to copy is the server ID that provides the server ID, user ID, and message ID for the Discord team.


After obtaining all relevant IDs, the only thing to do is to submit a report to Discord through their Trust and Security Request Center. This will require you to enter your email address, select the report type, select a specific subject, and provide a brief description of the report and guidelines for violations. You need to paste all identification codes into the description box so that the team can find a single offender. Also, if you think the screenshot is helpful to understand the situation, please feel free to add any attachments at the bottom.


For users using iOS, the reporting process is much easier, and there are few steps necessary to report people using the desktop application.

When reporting someone on iOS, all you need to do is place your finger on their message that violates the Discord Guidelines and select "Report" from the list of available options.

Unlike desktop processes, you do not need to provide any identification codes, reasoning, or topics. Just click "Report" and it will be sent directly to Discord. Although this method is much easier, it convinces me that the possibility of impact is very small.

Having said that, the Discord support team stated that they will see all reporting users, including iOS reports. If you take no action, you can choose to send a message directly to "[email protected]" explaining your situation and why you think someone should be punished.

If you plan to use this method, I suggest you attach some screenshots to your email to support your claim.


Finally, if you accidentally report the wrong person or change your mind completely, you can withdraw your report at any time, although the process is cumbersome. If you want to unreport a user, simply speak to one of Discord's support members directly through the Discord Twitter page, and you can send them a message explaining why you want to remove the report there.

When doing this, always make sure to include the email address associated with your Discord account so that they can track your reports. Accidental reports are very rare, but if you believe that a user’s post does not actually violate the guidelines, this is a great way to save valuable time for the Discord support team. Chapter

See our How to Use Discord page for a complete list of all guides on the subject.

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