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Reporting a server on Discord is more complicated than reporting a single user. The company has received some criticism in the past for the difficulty of the process, but to be fair, the main reason this is not easy is the amount of evidence required. As with anything, false accusations are usually easy to make, and if no evidence is needed to back them up, this can result in people (in this case, the entire server) being wrongly punished or shut down. Chapter

Don't Be Intimidated! In the words of John Stewart Mill, "the bad guys need nothing to control their purpose, just as the good guys need to stay on the sidelines and do nothing." If any serious misconduct occurs on the Discord server, then all of us who love the platform need to make sure it stops.

Less gossip, let's get to the topic.

The first thing to do before committing to report on the Discord server is to read the community guidelines developed by Discord on how the server should operate. If the server’s behavior does not violate any guidelines and you report it, you may end up in trouble with Discord and expose yourself to allegations of harassment. A list of

Discord community guides can be found on the Discord website, and we encourage you to read more. A brief list of

guidelines is as follows: The second thing

needs to do before reporting to the server is to ensure that the violation is indeed a server-wide issue, not just a small number of members. Reporting the server can cause it to shut down, even temporarily, if we are talking about a community of hundreds or even thousands of people, and these people only have a few troublemakers without any crime, then the server report may not make sense.

If the problem is a less serious "bullying" problem (such as insults or annoying and persistent messages) directed at yourself by one or two members of the server, then it is better to simply block and silence the people who have the problem so that they can't bother you. If the violation is more serious than this, it may be a joint effort that negatively affects your life and / or safety, encourages others to harm themselves, infringes on intellectual property rights, or promotes child pornography, images of animal cruelty, or other behaviors. Similar. prohibited materials, then stricter measures should be taken.

If the situation is so serious that action is required, you should first contact the administrator and / or server owner and ask them to address the guidelines violation. They can then kick, ban and / or report the person in question. However, if the administrator and owner deliberately ignore the problem or actually participate in the violation, then you have a good reason to report the server to Discord.

Reporting to the Discord Trust & Safety server requires you to collect more information than just reporting a single user or message. Evidence collection is critical, so if you think you might need it, be sure to record it as soon as possible before users have a chance to delete it. Even if you decide not to pursue this matter in the future, just in case, it will take much less time to save the information there and in the future, without having to screen the potentially large number of old messages.

Here is a list of everything you need to include in the report:

To collect the required IDs, especially the server IDs, you need to enable the developer mode in Discord. Please see below.

Once the developer mode is configured, you can collect your ID and message binding (although you can technically obtain the message binding before that). The way to do this is slightly different, depending on the operating system you are running and the type of ID. See below for decomposition. It is recommended that you keep all the collected evidence in the same file so that it is clearly marked and easy to read.

To reiterate, it is important to copy the link from the email before deleting it. If the user deletes their message, then there is no real way to get it back, so there is no evidence, which will greatly hamper the opportunity to take any action against the server.

It is often a good idea to take screenshots of some messages in the context of a text channel. If there is a lot of offensive news, it may not be necessary to do this to everyone, maybe only the worst.

Note: iOS users need to log into their account on PC to get the link in the message.

How to get Discord server ID on PC:

How to get Discord user ID on PC:

How to get Discord message link on PC:

How to get Discord server ID on Android :

How to get Discord user ID on Android:

How to get message link on Android:

How to get Discord server ID on Apple iOS:

How to get Discord user ID on Apple iOS:

How to get message link on Apple iOS:

As mentioned above, unfortunately there is no way to copy message link on iPhone. Instead, you need to log into Discord on your PC and follow the steps in "How to get the Discord message link on your PC" above.

After collecting all the information you need, click this link to submit your report and enter the information for each part as shown below:

After completing all of the above, click the Submit button and you're done! Now it boils down to

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