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Remothered broken porcelain announced

EERIE SURVIVAL GAME HORROR, REIMBURSED: A broken porcelain shows another courtesy of a new trailer cooked by people at the developer Stormwind Game and the Games of the Modus Editor.

was announced back to Gamescom 2019. Modus was restarted late and restarted.

We are incredibly excited to invite you to this wonderfully realized chapter of the story you have reintroduced, but it is important to deliver the experience I value. Due to the current global situation, we have an additional time of Poland and accommodate longer timely-time frameworks for the current global situation assistant to make it precise. "

This means that you can explore Ashmann Inn at an unfair moment for a year, Halloween!"

that is not satisfied with the player, the new Modus trailer is divided into Spooky Ashmann Inn. This is a brand mark of the broken porcelain brand. Psychological fear mark.

Trailer presents the housekeeper Andrea Mascino, Maid Lindsay, young Malfit Jennifer, Rosemary Fugitar Reed, Porcelain of Specter fire. An outline of its unstable reverse Knitology with the spray of the pin spin ring. Re-test: If the broken porcelain is standing as a measure of what the new trailer should expect, it is committed to building a horrible basis for that predecessor.

Yuan, re-proven: The broken porcelain asks the player to use his ingenuity to solve the puzzle.

Reverse current after returnence, Broken porcelain:

"Allgirl boarding school After their school elimination, Jen Real is trying to escape from Ashmann Inn. Maid. His new friends and raised companions, Jen recognizes that the manners Of the manners slowly with the timid violinist, Linn. Two girls are lying in the hall, the figure of disagreement and the hotel at the hotel because I begin to observe a sense of observation, the duo must escape from his prison in the true prison. .. and his life.

, mysterious Rosemary Read is a confusing owner of Ashmann Inn. I found an old loan. The cables are more likely to find the role of all on this plot of Twist, and lead is more likely than Find the role of all in this torque. "

Reexamination: Rota 10 porcelain is set at a launch on the PC through the twenty-steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switches.

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