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Remastered braid anniversary edition coming in 2021

On June 23, 2000, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of Ion Storm's iconic immersive simulation game Deus Ex, the two original composers behind the action RPG's soundtrack released a mixed album.

Dubbed Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed, this album has 17 tracks and can be found on Bandcamp.

original composers Alexander Brandon and Michiel van den Bos took the helm of the project, which included a selection of original tracks from Deus Ex's critically acclaimed atmospheric soundtrack, modified by the magic of modern production techniques, and a lots of Mix completely reinvented.

As the Bandcamp list explains, `This is a celebration of twenty years of Deus Ex, and it is also a" thank you "to the fans who have maintained their love of the game for many years. `

Here is the complete track list:

1. Alexander Brandon - So It Begins (Deus Ex main title)

2. Alexander Brandon-Reyes Gauntlet (Training Room)

3. Alexander Brandon-Return to Liberty Island

4. Michiel van den Bos-Base of Operations (UNATCO)

5. Michiel van den Bos-Critical Mission (Combat de Unatco)

6. Michiel van den Bos-Ambrosia Hunt (Battery Park)

7. Alexander Brandon - Night Work (New York Streets)

8. Michiel van den Bos - Difficult Decision (Lebedev Airport)

9. Michiel van den Bos - Paris Dance (Paris Club)

10. Michiel van den Bos - The rape of Nicolette (Duclare Chateau)

11. Alexander Brandon - Synapse Awake (The Synapse)

12. Alexander Brandon-Conspiracy Theory (Versalife and Majestic 12)

13. Alexander Brandon-Beneath the Waves (Oceanlab)

14. Michiel van den Bos-Assault on Oceanlab (Oceanlab Combat)

15. Alexander Brandon -Alienrea

16.Michiel van den Bos-Helios and Icarus (Ending 1)

. Alexander Brandon-The Illuminati Reborn (Credits)

Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed offers 2xLP vinyl records and holographic folding covers, priced at $45, digipak $15 panel CD or 10 Digital download of dollars. Each version features artwork by Lukasz Sienkiewicz, complementing the unique aesthetic of Deus Ex.

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