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Release date set for samsungs new odyssey g9 gaming monitor

There is no official confirmation yet, but we have a preliminary understanding of the timetable for the next version of Nvidia's next-generation graphics cards. The Chinese website has a pretty strong record of leaking the initial details of various devices and components. It said that Nvidia will launch its graphics card series from September, and different graphics cards will be phased out. Within the scope of the next few months. Considering that seems to have some connections with these types of components in the Chinese manufacturing industry, this seems credible, although I don’t think this is a reliable confirmation until we receive official news from Nvidia, even with these dates It is the timetable of the current plan, and there are many factors that may cause the timetable to change.

We expect these graphics cards to have a huge leap in performance over the previous generation, and anyone interested in high-performance gaming GPUs should pay close attention to these release dates.

Currently, this is what said about Nvidia’s planned timeline for its new GPU series:

According to these latest reports, we should see that the RTX 3080 ti card will be launched at least in some form by the end of this year, August 2020 release. What is unclear is whether this will be generally released in all regions, and whether the premium "Founders Edition" will be released first before standard cards are available. Of course, we will pay attention to the official confirmation or any more detailed information available, but if you are ready to assemble a new version, this may be a useful reminder and you may need to wait. Longer. RTX 2080 ti was released on August 18, 2018, and perhaps NVIDIA is planning to release its successor with a similar schedule. The report also detailed the planned timetable for the RTX 3080 card. They said that Nvidia's goal is to release on September 17, which will echo the RTX 2080 on September 20, 2018. This will be a logical deadline. Because they released their high-end gaming GPUs, we have no reason to doubt this, but things are still up in the air. Mid-range options for

3000 series GPUs are said to be released in October. These dates indicate that Nvidia plans to release a new GPU every month, perhaps to help them maintain a stable inventory supply and encourage people to crave upgrades for a more expensive high-end option. Similarly, October will coincide with the release schedule for the 2000 series equivalent cards, so we won't be too surprised if this turns out to be accurate.

completes the 3000 series product line. The entry-level 3060 card is reportedly scheduled for release in November. This is not consistent with the release method for the 2000 card series. The 2060 will be released a few months after the rest of the series, but will be released in January 2019. Improve your manufacturing process to complete response time for various Faster Ampere-based GPU versions. We'll have to wait to see if November is really accurate, but if so, this may be good news for budget-focused gamers looking for a new GPU.

Whenever these cards are released, we make sure to update all our build guidelines to include these new components. Have you been waiting for these latest GPUs before upgrading your system? Which models in the 3000 series are you concerned about? Please let us know in the comments below.

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