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Steam has always been committed to creating a platform that not only has a great user experience, but also extremely rich features. Whether it's a simple game activation process or a new game sharing feature, Steam's fine-tuning process is designed to make your gaming life more enjoyable. They now have a very generous refund program, and if users meet Steam's requirements, they have the opportunity to redeem a full refund when purchasing any game. This is a super simple process and requires you to request a refund through a simple step-by-step process.

This article will walk you through the entire process. Let us stop wasting time and go directly to it.

Before starting the actual process, it is necessary to know if you are eligible for a refund. The following is a list of requirements that you must meet to request a refund.

Refunds are available for games purchased in the past 14 days. If you purchased the game 15 days ago, unfortunately, you are not eligible for this process.

The name of the game you want to refund must have been played for less than two hours in total. Whatever happens, you will violate the refund policy rules and you will no longer be eligible.

The game you wish to refund cannot be modified or transferred in any way.

As long as you meet these soft guidelines, you are eligible to request a refund. Now, let's get into the actual process.

Login to your Steam account first. On Steam, click on the "Help" drop-down menu and select "Steam Support" from options

. After entering the Steam support window, you must navigate to the "Buy" tab. You will see a list of options and games. If the game you want to refund is at the top, click on the game; otherwise please find the purchase tab below.

After clicking on the Buy tab, you will be taken to your shopping list. Who knows ... in the "Purchases in the last six months" section, find the game you want to refund.

In this section, you will see a list of options related to game purchases that will be refunded. All you have to do is select the "I want a refund" tab again.

On the next screen, Steam will give you two options to choose from. One will be a support option to correct any bugs in the game. The other is to request a refund. Click "I want to request a refund"

After requesting a refund for the 19th time, you can finally choose a refund location. You can choose between the Steam Wallet or the card used to purchase the game. Choose what you want and click Next

Now you have the opportunity to change anything you need. This page is a quick summary of your request and it is also a page that allows you to provide some feedback on why you want a refund. Choose the reason you wish to receive a refund and select "Submit My Request"

The next page will be a confirmation of your request. You will describe the game you are requesting a refund for and confirm your reference number and email address. At this stage, your process is complete. You now know how to wait for an email to proceed to the next steps

Once you request a refund, you will immediately receive a confirmation email by email. The email looks like this

This email indicates that the refund process is complete. You must now wait for Steam to consider your request. Once the consideration period is over as per your request, they will be emailed to you. This is the information we got from Steam

. We received this email a few hours later and received payment immediately.

That's it, how to request a full refund on Steam. This one is very easy and rarely disappoints.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to leave a message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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