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Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online mode has its biggest update today, called The Naturalist. As the name suggests, the focus of the update is external search, taking full advantage of the huge American interpretation of Red Dead Redemption 2 before 1900, and correctly introducing a new frontier search: naturalist.

Holding their favorite rifle, players will venture into the wild to find the most powerful and rare beast on earth. Unlike a wave of animal killings, naturalists provide two different paths, which will greatly affect the way the new mission is carried out.

On the one hand, players can develop their wildlife observation skills under the leadership of the perfect conservationist Harriet Davenport to track and study rare specimens in all five states of Red Dead. Most of the operations revolved around tracking and sedating animals to obtain samples of Harriet. Choose to help this passionate naturalist and you will get a new rattrap sedative kit and Animal Reviver tonic.

On the other hand, we have Gus Macmillan, a large retired prey hunter with a mustache who is willing to pay a premium for the most elusive hides. Cooperate with Gus to unlock ferocious elephant rifles and upgraded bows and arrows, legendary animal costumes, and various privileges for animal accessories. Before trying to play two paths at the same time, please remember that if Harriet is poaching, she will not be too friendly.

Of course, the new chase also brought a new group of legendary animals to track and hunt. As the official press release explains:

"As your naturalistic pursuits progress, you will begin to encounter legendary animals; these unique creatures can be discovered in the wild and through Harriet-commissioned animal watching missions. Use The Legendary Animals Map serves as a guide. You will learn the location of their native habitat and then locate each one according to the information in the animal field guide - the final decision is whether to get samples for Harriet and get valuable rewards, or hunt them down and let Gus Take its leather. It becomes a costume to show off in your wardrobe. Explore the world now and find the legendary cougars, foxes, wild boars, beavers, wolves, bison and elk - more legendary animals will appear on the border in the coming weeks The roaming event in the Naturalist Update allows players to enter one of two modes: Legendary Animal Protection, whose mission is to protect animals from poachers, and Wild Animal Markers. Players can team up to calm down and tag the animals to eventually find an additional legendary. animal.

For naturalist search, to record progress in tracking, photographing and sampling animals to expand the new field guide of animals, which is the outline of all groups of animals that live on the border. Progress will unlock new items, abilities, and gameplay, including new breeds of horses, specialized clothing and accessories, and new supplements such as weight loss, weight gain, weather changes, and beer that enhances invisibility. In addition, there is a new Mercy Kills ability, as well as a new wilderness camp and advanced cameras that can be unlocked.

Naturalist also triggered the start of The Outlaw Pass No. 3 in Red Dead Online. It has 80 levels, and each level has a series of items, modules, clothing, etc. that can be unlocked.

Rockstar also performed some much-needed clean-ups to keep Red Dead Online running normally. Highlights include more types of activities for free, new costumes, expanded daily challenges, new camp weapon lockers in story mode, 250 fixes, balance changes, better matchmaking and team match sequencing, and more. general troubleshooting improvements, such as animal spawning bugs. .

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